When did Disneyland “peak,” if at all?

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I recently was thinking about most of Disney’s parks and how a lot of people think that they have been going downhill with decisions, often pointing to better times and times when the parks had “peaked.”
This got me thinking... Epcot and MK peaked in the mid to late 1990’s, Animal Kingdom Peaked just afternoon Avatar opened, but before entertainment got cut (late 2017-2018), Studios depends on who you talk to, and DCA peaked when Grizzly Airfield got done but before Tower closed.
But Disneyland... while there have been additions and retractions over the years, I can’t think of any significant change, that didn’t come with a big enough benefit to warrant the change or generally detract from the park.
It makes me wonder, did Disneyland peak, or is it still on an upward trajectory?
I hear the pirates ride in the late1970's was pretty epic.


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I didn't get to visit DLR until 2005, but I think it peaked in 2015 with the 60th.


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I didn't get to visit DLR until 2005, but I think it peaked in 2015 with the 60th.

My first visit was early 2006. I roll with the changes as nothing ever stays the same.

Disneyland will never peak to me, it'll just be the peak.


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Epcot and MK peaked in the mid to late 1990’s
EPCOT peaked in 1991-1992 after the International Gateway opened but before they started changing CommuniCore and some of the other original Future World pavilions.

Magic Kingdom... probably 1993 after Splash Mountain opened but before 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea closed.

And as for Disneyland, of course the Spring and Summer of 1995. Indy was brand new, Fantasmic and Toontown were still relatively fresh, the PeopleMover was open, you still barely had the promise of WestCOT Center ahead, and I think that's about the time of peak Disneyland Hotel, too. Just imagine if the Skyway had hung on another year and they'd added the music to Space Mountain a year earlier, 1995 would've been unstoppable.

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