When CM's Go a Bit Overboard

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When tiki room wouldn't start on my last visit, the starting CM was being rude thinking he was being funny. "hey folks, the birds dont wanna wake up so please leave. No, really, leave. The doors right there. Go on. Thank you, lady, for being the first person to leave". It was as awkward as it was apalling. The crowd thought he was joking bit really he was just being, ehem, *unique*.

Also LMAO at your avatar, OP.

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Anybody experience something similar?
this is completely off topic but it needs to be said. if there were ever an academy awards for profile pictures you would take home oscars for every category and all of them would be landslides


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I am a former CM and I actually cringe when I see this. Sometimes they're so over the top it's kind of ridiculous. We had a tram CM just start doing strange voices the entire time and it was mostly met with nervous laughs and just an overall notion of "W..T...F...". He was speaking in an ambiguously strange British accent almost like a Vincent Price. Then hed switch over to Mickey and Goofy (admittedly pretty decent but still) and just strange. Just give me the park hours, show times, safety spiel and STFU folks.
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