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When are package tickets considered "activated" with online check-in?


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This is a ticket activation question regarding an upcoming Universal-and-Disney vacation, in which we'll be transferring early in the morning from our Universal Hotel to CBR to begin the WDW leg of our trip. The WDW portion is a room-and-ticket package. The family really wants to hit Hollywood Studios at rope drop on our arrival day, and to be able to try for an RoTR boarding group at 7am -- however, I know MDE won't "let" us join a boarding group unless our tickets are already active at that point.

We've completed online checkin and indicated an arrival time prior to 7am. My question is, at what point will our package tickets be considered "active"? At the arrival time we indicated when we did online checkin? When our room is actually ready? Or do we still have to engage in the fiction of presenting to the front desk to "check in" and have something further done, even though we checked in online? If there's any chance we're going to be denied a shot at the RoTR lottery due to tickets not yet being active, I think we'll dump our HS park reservation for that day altogether and try a different day. Your insights are appreciated!

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