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What will Disney do for DCA’s 20th anniversary?

What will Disney do for DCA’s 20th anniversary?

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That's cause the DCA logo is hot garbage.

The iconic Disneyland logo- with the "D", carries a lot of emotional weight with it. Seeing it brings pleasant memories of times in the park with family and friends. It's so good, that it's barely needed updating in 64 years- barring the brief time in the early 2000's when they tried to change it.

DCA's logo looks like a child got some cut out letters and tried to spell California. It looks amateur, young, and uninspired.

George Lucas on a Bench

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We've gone back to the original park, cleaned it up considerably. Redone a lot of the areas, the rides, the decor and improved the quality of the park. Because it was deteriorating. I think this one deteriorated a lot more than anyone expected in twenty years.


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The original DCA Logo with the Wolf Peak was fine. Not sure why they had to remove it.

It's sad that I actually prefer DCA 1.0 to what is there now. I would take original Soarin over Cars Land / Guardians easily. I think I'd prefer the puns to the unthemed mess the current one is.
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