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What will Disney do for DCA’s 20th anniversary?

What will Disney do for DCA’s 20th anniversary?

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Let me share the backstory of my prior post, that sums up DCA 1.0 perfectly.

The original plan for Paradise Bay was a water fountain show, but the budget was cut.

But they were still supposed to have placed the plumbing foundation under the Bay so a show could be added in the Future. But that was then cut at the last minute.

So when they decided they had to do something with the lake, they had to go with Lumineria and fireworks/props and not water.

Finally when it was decided to do World of Color, the costs to retrofit was a nasty surprise. As they say Penny Wise, Pound (Dollar) foolish.

And as you know, it took a change of leadership to finally admit that the original version of DCA was a flop and needed more than lipstick.

So that truly is why there was no type of "anything" today.

So folks are hoping that the 20th will be celebrated with an announcement of something new and big.

And if you look at what is projected in the construction calendar, well, things are on track.

Happy Birthday, California Adventure!

For me, it has been an interesting journey going back at least 23 years......

Lots of frustration, but also hope for a better tomorrow.
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That's cause the DCA logo is hot garbage.

The iconic Disneyland logo- with the "D", carries a lot of emotional weight with it. Seeing it brings pleasant memories of times in the park with family and friends. It's so good, that it's barely needed updating in 64 years- barring the brief time in the early 2000's when they tried to change it.

DCA's logo looks like a child got some cut out letters and tried to spell California. It looks amateur, young, and uninspired.
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