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What time do the parks really open these days?


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I've heard from multiple sources that the parks have been opening an hour earlier than the posted times to prevent gathering for rope drop. Is this still happening? If so, are the buses running early enough from the resorts to accommodate? I'm going in a few weeks and would love to go as early as I can to beat the crowds. Also, will food options be available at this hour or not until park open? I want to grab a quick breakfast, probably at Sleepy Hollow. Thanks for any info!
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Resort transportation usually starts about an hour before the parks open. The parks aren’t opening early officially, it varies depending on the crowds at the turnstiles. If it looks like crowds are beginning to form they’ll start allowing you in. Once you are in it also varies what will actually be open. Some venues open early if they’re able to and some wait till official opening time. So basically there’s no real exact answer.


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^Correct. It depends on the Duty Manager. If all the attractions are ready and it's early, they'll open the park. If they're still waiting on some attractions, they'll wait til the exact time.


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Regarding food, I wouldn't bank on it. I got into Epcot a little bit before open and had to wait until official open for the booths to be ready to serve food/open. But, as others have said, it probably depends on the daily operations if they are ready early or not.

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