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What Resort do you love to stay at? And which do you not enjoy as much?

Dave Ber

Well-Known Member
We love the Caribbean Beach Resort, Hands Down, it is going to change quite a bit and hopefully stay a moderate after all the construction, but it is the best moderate in our opinion. Coronado is so big and spread out, it seems like you have to walk forever to get to the pool or the main building, Port Orleans was ok, just seemed dirty, maybe that's the style they are going for, grounds to me were not as beautiful at CBR


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So we are dvc members so we're a bit limited to the resorts. MY favorite is hands down the Beach club. location can't be beat, decor is lovely and of course the best pool around. Saratoga springs is my least favorite. boring and buildings to spread out.


Active Member
We are DVC members with a home resort of OKW so we love it there. We also really like Wilderness Lodge. I don't care if I ever stay at BLT again though, in fact, if the only DVC available was BLT, I'd rather rent the points and stay at POP again!

Wendy Pleakley

Well-Known Member
Coronado is great. I love spending time simply strolling the expansive grounds. Some people dislike what can be a long walk to the main building, but I love it.

The convention center aspect can be a good thing. More amenities and less people on the buses. I found the Coronado buses to be the least crowded of any resort I've stayed at.


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I don't think you'll be disappointed with the moderate resorts. When I was a kid, there were no such things as value resorts. So I grew up staying at moderates and loved them! My favorite that I've stayed at is Port Orleans Riverside. My sister and I used to rent bikes and ride over to French Quarter... I always thought it looked cool with all the tree lined "streets" and wanted to stay there, but we never did. My parents later bought into the DVC and as much as I loved the deluxe villas, I always missed the moderates a bit. There's just something about the hustle and bustle of the food courts in the mornings that got me excited to get my day started. But as for resorts I love - Riverside, Boardwalk and Wilderness Lodge. There's only 2 that I haven't enjoyed as much mostly because of themeing and layout - AS Movies and Old Key West.


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We have stayed at all the values except AOA, Caribbean Beach, Wilderness Lodge, Contemporary, and Animal Kingdom lodge. The only value I absolutely hated was All Star Sports and that is mainly because of all the unsupervised teens running around and cheerleaders practicing cheers and yelling them out loudly, after midnight and as early as 5am, the only other hotel we need not care for was the Contemporary, it's just too old with tiny elevators, and the floor with Chef Mickeys and all the shops is just nuts. Our favorite is the Wilderness Lodge.


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I have not disliked any of the Disney hotels that I have stayed at. I have stayed at the Poly, Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club, Swan (on prop but not Disney technically), Caribbean, Coronado, Port Orleans Riverside, Pop, and all the All Stars. They all have good and bad points. I do like the luxury of the Deluxe but honestly I have spoiled myself by going to WDW multiple times a year and my budget can't handle staying at the Deluxe or mods for as much as I want to go so the values it is for me. Of the values my least favorite was the Music and the rest are a tie to me. If I was staying with kids,and with older kids I would probably pay more for the mods so there would be more space and a bigger bed.


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We may be in the minority group that likes to splurge on deluxes. We go every other year, so we save up for 2 years to splurge when we return. We have younger kids and actually spend more time in the room and like having the nicer pools and better locations.
I've never been to CSR, but pics look nice, esp the refurbed rooms. I also think the pool is one of the better pools on site. What's the difference in price points?
We love the Epcot area resorts. There's just something special about being able to walk or boat to two parks. I love even being able to see some of the countries and having my choice of seeing Epcot and HS fireworks. On our last stay, we could even see the new HEA fireworks from our balcony because we faced away from Epcot and HS. I'll have a hard time getting DH ago stay anywhere but YC, BC or BoardWalk.


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I love All-star Sports and will never again spend the money to stay somewhere else. I like spending half as much on my hotel and twice a much on my food. However, I have stayed at almost every resort and can honestly say there isn't a bad resort in Walt Disney World. If you can't stand a value, the moderates have just the right amount of differences to make them the right choice.


Well-Known Member
Deluxe: I've only stayed in one Deluxe Resort so far in 2007, and that would be the Polynesian! I'm about to stay in a DVC Villa for the first time (12/14-12/15), Boulder Ridge at Wilderness Lodge!
Moderate: Port Orleans Riverside
Value: Not really a fan of the value resorts...