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What is your Highest Score Ever


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Original Poster
So earlier today, I was riding Toy Story Midway Mania, and came around to thinking of a new "fun" type of thread, Whats your Highest Score ??
You can post your highest score ever for the following:
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (Magic Kingdom)
Toy Story Midway Mania (Disneys Hollywood Studios)

Feel Free to post both highscores

Have Fun:)

And please, lets keep the negativity out of this thread please:D


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Original Poster
Ill go first.

Buzz Lightyear: 450,000 (somewhere around there)

Toy Story Mania: 158,000 (getting better at it)


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Buzz 999,999 - riding with my 5 year old son - we traded spots before the photo so he was the galactic hero. My daughter got so annoyed (putting it mildly!) that I had to ride again and do the same for her. I spent the whole line explaining to her that it MAY not happen again - thank goodness it did!

TSMM - I don't recall (translation - nothing to brag about!)


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Great thread idea!

I've maxed out Buzz a few times (that just sounds odd :ROFLOL:).

Rode TSM for the first time 2 weeks ago and got 154,600...not sure how that is for a first-timer!


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Buzz, I have no idea
TSM, both my 7 y/o grandson and my wife beat me. Last time on as we were getting off the ride I told the CM that my wife cheated. He called security. He was just kidding, of course, but we got a laugh out of it.


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Buzz...999,000. Too easy once you figure it out, but still really fun.

Toy Story..need practice..180,000

Just a couple more weeks until we try it again. :sohappy:


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My best TSM score is only 158,900. I need to read some tips.

I hit the magical 999,999 on Buzz ... of course, the ride stopped for 90 seconds in the middle of it. But I'll take it. :D


Buzz - 999,999 pretty much every time (It is so easy to do that I do not even ride this attraction as much as I used to).

TSMM - I think around 250,000 (It is a lot harder to achieve a high score on this than Buzz and often requires both people in the vehicle working together to unlock higher value targets).

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