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What is your favorite WDW Restaurant ?


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Mine is Flying Fish. Nothing but great meals and memories here for 20+ years. I have found the food and service to be the most consistent on property over time.


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Boma breakfast or dinner all you can eat at DAK lodge and afterwards sitting outside enjoying the free show of animals passing by.


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Jungle Canteen has been a favorite of ours since they opened and recently, Yak & Yeti has been booked for the last four trips (three upcoming).


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Another vote for Sanaa! Great food, wonderful service, beautiful setting...and something that other places seem to struggle with...consistency. Barring any unforeseen issues, I'll be there for lunch in a little less than two weeks :)


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I’m sure I’ll get some rolling eyes for posting this, but for us it’s Le Cellier. The excellent service and food have been the most consistent out of any restaurant we go to on property and that’s what’s keeps us going back.

We’ve had great meals at California Grill and Jiko, but sometimes the service or food has been hit or miss. That’s never happened to us at Le Cellier.


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From a value/quality standpoint - Via Napoli
From a meal/quality standpoint - Narcoossees (Toledo is gaining in that category)
From a "fun" standpoint - Hoop Dee Doo

But then again: Ask me in 4 months and I may have a completely different list.
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To say one is a favorite is difficult because the position of a #1 is always changing. But the consistent top placing restaurants for us have been between La Hacienda, Yak & Yeti and LTT.
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