What is it about Disney that keeps you coming back year after year after year after.....

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This year will be our 19th year and every time for a min of 14 days (we are aiming for a year of our lives spent in Disney - already on approx 270 days) we just have to keep going back, Walt Disney World holds a special place in our hearts - I can't put into words but whenever we say let's give it a miss one year we always end up re booking! I just love everything! :) It's so magical and a place to escape the real world worries.
This November will be our 29th visit, we passed our "year" mark a couple of visits ago! After travelling to all corners of the world we still have to come back " home" no where else gives us that same feeling.


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For us, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is crack. We were going to cancel our early September trip this year because we were going to miss the parties, but instead of going on a cruise we reworked our dates and the trip is back on. Sure, Disney has it's faults and sometimes I can kvetch with the best of them, but nobody does it quite like Disney does in my opinion.


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I think it's just the overall atmosphere. Lots of little corners to just sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful park music and scenery. :) Also the attractions aren't like anything you can find at any other theme park.


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We love it bc your never board at Disney. Every trip there's something new and magical and you leave every trip wanting more. We go on several vacations a year and we hate returning home after every vacation but when you return home from Disney you already want to start planning your next trip. Whether it's at a different resort, season, etc. it always leaves us wanting more.


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My trip coming up in May will mark my 40th trip. I started going a lot more as an adult vs when I was a kid.

But, we feel safe when we vacation there and always know what to expect. I am not saying I am one of those people that puts the expectation to the max like some do, I know that unexpected things can happen every trip.

But I love how the CM's interact and are so nice and the food is great as usual. Even if its just a burger from Pecos Bills. Their product is consistent and we enjoy it. I still have not experienced everything Disney World can offer to guests, but each trip we add one more thing to do. We enjoy bringing newbies to WDW with us just to see how they react. It truly is a magical place. We are planning a trip with 70 family and friends for next May, that is how much we love it.

UGH 42 days to GO!


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For me there are many reasons, possibly one of the main one is it is a world with a world. When you arrive in Orlando disney take care over everything from DME to complete transportation throughout your entire trip. You don't need to think about anything outside the world. You can relax knowing you have your tickets dining room all linked to your magic band. You can dine the entire time onsite and never need to leave. The resorts are so anazing you could stay there the entire time or choose one of the six amazing parks. When there you can easily and quickly forget about everything else going on in the world. It's quite unique.


After nearly 40 visits and going twice a year for several years, all I can say is I love it !!!!
I just love being on property, and now have several Cast Members who I consider friends and communicate with often. I stay as long as I can.... usually 10 days. The best day is the first day.... when you cross onto Disney property, it is like being in a different world.... knowing you still have 9 days to go !!!!


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This November will be our 29th visit, we passed our "year" mark a couple of visits ago! After travelling to all corners of the world we still have to come back " home" no where else gives us that same feeling.
Qudos to you. Someone after my own heart. After I get to a year I am going to try for 2 years and then 3. I just can't stop going back.....

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There is nothing like it. It is different and unique. Nostalgic as well. Also so big. I would just love to be able to drive in and out of every corner of that property.

I guess because it also never changes, to an extent. It isn't as if my love for the place has depreciated in value, if anything it has gone up. Just a lovely place.


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I've been going on/off for at least 20 years. Disney is a place we all go to feel young again or to just be a kid again.

I've learned in the past few years that you need to enjoy your life. Disney is an escape from reality, which I know as I get older, will need!!


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We recently decided to go this year (we like to try to go once a year). We were to going to skip it and use the funds for cutting down trees in our backyard. We decided the trees can wait. Let's go to Disney!! I have to admit I've been feeling a tiny bit guilty and I was asking myself the same thing the OP asked. I love all the responses, they truly hit home. There is nothing else like it.


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For us it is value for the money and the things that you can do. I can go almost anywhere for $250 a night. You have the beach, mountains, etc. I have taken my daughter camping for a week. There are things you can do, but those things are only for a few hours a day. You can hike, fish, swim, canoe, etc. There are the pickup softball games, board games, and things like that. In between, there is a lot of "what can we do now?" If we go to a beach resort, I have to be under an umbrella most the time. The salt and sand gets everywhere. The beaches near us are as clear as mud. The next closest thing is the Redneck Riviera (Myrtle Beach). Water is still not too clear. If I go down to FL, why not go to WDW? If we stayed at the resort pool most of the time instead of on the beach, there are better resorts to go to.

At Disney, there is always something to do, all the time. The only question is what are we going to do next. You have the parks, DTD, resort hopping, pool, exploring the resort, pin trading, fireworks, campfires, marshmallows, and the list goes on.

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