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What is Disney's next move?


New Member
In light of this weeks tragedies , and all the loss of good will, what is Disney's next move?

Disney senior management will be hyper sensitive but more passive at executive level I suspect. Management will suddenly show more interest in CM feedback but it will quickly drift away. At a PR level they will just lay low!!

This week has to have the powers that be, grinding in their guts.. They are already down in attendance.

The executives will divert attention on attendance to all the new things heading to the parks so they wont show any concern!


Well-Known Member
the shootings happened while i was out there (i stayed at Rosen Inn off site, only about 9 miles from pulse!) and we were at magic kingdom the day before the gator incident. everyone we spoke to on the plane home simply said "nothing is going to stop me from coming to disney"

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