What if MGM opened its own park?


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Where in a time where Classic Disney World without Disney IP could be recreated. Interesting thought right, streets of America, backlot, Great Movie Ride technically could be recreated without Disney IP. Heck Epcot center could be duplicated.


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They could do anything they want if they want to expend the money and if they could realize enough of a profit from it. The thing is, where do they put it so numbers of guests would be attracted to it, want to visit and spend the money and time. Their previous trial was disastrous due to limited attractions, competition, and lack of guests despite being in Vegas.
I feel sad that Disney got away from the purpose and style of the parks original set up. They could have done wonders with what they had to work with. Even with SWL and STL DHS is a shadow of what it was.
MGM and anyone else wanting to build a park needs to take the risk of how their park would continuously draw people in in all seasons. A popular name and brand only can get you so far.
Walts builds came in at perfect site selection and timing.

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