What If: Disney Parks Edition HYPE! Thread!!!

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#4 Peter Pan’s Flight - Shanghai Disneyland
Easily the best version of this Fantasyland staple, with improved ride vehicles allowing for more fluid flight and nearly double capacity, and modern effects work nicely integrated with the classic 1950s tricks.

#3 Matterhorn Bobsleds - Disneyland
Still Disney’s greatest roller coaster, from a pure physical ride experience - those wacky transitions, that aggressive airtime, the occasional dueling - and one of the most historically essential coasters ever built.

#2 Haunted Mansion - Tokyo Disneyland
It’s Magic Kingdom’s utterly top tier Haunted Mansion (my favorite WDW ride), cloned in a far stranger location right across the street from Dumbo. Still a great ride. Bonus points for their Haunted Holiday overlay during Halloween & Christmas.

#1 Pooh’s Hunny Hunt - Tokyo Disneyland
A masterpiece!

Honorable Mentions: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and Disneyland’s “it’s a small world”

Not eligible (haven’t ridden yet) but a possible contender: Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast at Tokyo Disneyland

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4. It’s a Small World - but only Tokyo’s. I’ve never been a huge fan of IASW. Turns out what I needed was a version of the ride that was regularly upkept. Tokyo’s had by far the best loading area, some really fun character integration (that I might prefer to California’s,) and literally every effect working. Like, effects that have been broken for literally the entirety of my life, such as the blinking hippo in the Africa scene, we’re working. High recommend.

3. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride - my first love. While I have a ton of nostalgia for Florida’s version, California’s serves as a great trip down memory lane.

2. Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast - a near-perfect ride hindered only by some pacing issues. Honestly worth the two hour wait for the pre show alone.

1. Pooh’s Honey Hunt - almost a tie with BatB as my favorite ride in Tokyo Disneyland. While I wish it was slightly longer it’s kind of crazy that they perfected the trackless dark ride on their first try. Everything here works from the queue to the gift shop. No doubt in my mind that this is the best Fantasyland ride.

Honorable mention goes to Haunted Mansion because it’s in Fantasyland at TDL for some reason. Highly recommended if you want to see what WDW’s Haunted Mansion looked like pre-2006.
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All of these are from Disneyland. Fantasyland is probably the single biggest thing that blows Magic Kingdom out of the water. We definitely also have stuff like the better Pirates, but it's almost unfair how much more well put together it is just as a whole. Everything from attraction roster to layout to thematic transitions are just on another level.

4. Storybook Land Canal Boats - If it weren't for this being probably the most uncomfortable attraction in the resort for me from a social anxiety level just because of how cramped the boats are, this would be even higher. It's just an all around gem of an experience, especially at night. While I definitely prefer Casey Jr. out of the two attractions, I won't deny this is absolutely the better way to actually take in all the details Storybook Land has to offer. I truly hope Disney never touches this corner of the park. It really is one of those tiny little areas that breathes so much life and history into the land.

3. Alice in Wonderland - The magnum opus of traditional Fantasyland dark rides. This attraction is everything a good dark ride should be. It has an engaging story that isn't exactly a "book report". It has really memorable and iconic set pieces. It brings a ton of kinetic energy to the land as a whole. It's by far the best use of projection mapping out of the dark rides. The two story Tulgy Woods sequence might be one of my favorite rooms in any dark ride.

2. Casey Jr. Circus Train - Just an all around freaking gem. One of the very few attractions where the ride vehicle itself goes through a legitimate character arc. It also might be the closest thing Disneyland has to a PeopleMover. There's just so much nostalgia here for me. I love it as an early morning option before the Fantasyland crowds really pick up, and I love it even more as a night ride. It might be THE Disneyland attraction I'd be the most upset with being closed on any given trip just because of how personal my connection to it really is.

1. It's a Small World - A true masterpiece. I don't care what anyone says, I don't care how repetitive the song is. This attraction from top to bottom is a stunning artistic tour de force that I loved as a kid but adore even more as an adult. The clocktower facade is probably my single favorite piece of theme park architecture. That section between the station and the show building where you're just floating past the topiaries gets me Every. Damn. Time. The feeling of floating into a Mary Blair painting is one of the biggest magic tricks Disney has ever pulled off, and will forever be way more meaningful to me than any of the new tech on display in Galaxy's Edge. It really is a shame how much the Florida version has fallen into disrepair, but the Disneyland original will always be a towering achievement.


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To be honest, Magic Kingdom’s fantasyland doesn’t have any attractions that I found to be memorable (based on what I remember from my last visit).

However, I did enjoy Pooh, 7 Dwarfs, and Peter Pan (I think the eastern half of MK needs some TLC, after they work on the villain land and new Frontierland stuff)

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My play style will be a little limited for the foreseeable future, as I’ve been without WiFi or a computer since November (don’t ask). Even so, I’d still enjoy getting back into the spirit of this community.

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Top 4 unique attractions:

4. Velocicoaster - Islands of Adventure

Even minus the theming, it would still be a Top 5 coaster for me. Add that theming, the setting, rock work, all that, and it’s the perfect fusion of regional park thrills with theme park immersion. Just ignore anyone who dismisses exposed coaster track out of hand. Velocicoaster is what got me to finally visit Orlando, and it was my most-ridden attraction. Endlessly reridable, with a lovely integration of layout & coaster elements & story. Leaping over the paddock wall and running free across the lagoon is a transcendent moment.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure - Shanghai Disneyland

This ride justifies Shanghai Disneyland. It sees modern Imagineering perfecting the high-tech screen dark ride format, and marrying that with inspiration from the very best dark ride from old school WED. Endlessly reridable, always a crucial factor. Between a long ride time and a monstrously high rider throughput and reliable effects, it’s one of Disney most purely functional recent rides. Better than the movies, too.

2. Journey to the Center of the Earth - Tokyo DisneySea

The experience begins from the moment you pass under Hotel MiraCosta and first glimpse Mount Prometheus, and the experience simply builds and builds as you slowly approach the volcano, enter its fissures, and descend ever further beneath the earth’s crust…and all that’s before the queue! A perfect marriage of the Test Track slot car tech with immaculate place-making throughout, this is at the very core of what makes DisneySea such an excellent destination.

1. Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point

It’s hard to argue with a pure thrill machine done this well. Sure it’s basically unthemed, but that’s like saying music needs lyrics to be worthwhile. The physical ride sensation alone is a symphony of adrenaline, with all the rising tension, excellent pacing, and distinct movements of a musical masterpiece. Beautiful just to look at as a wood & steel behemoth, intimidating to approach, playful in its pre-lift, suspenseful on the climb up, then terror transforms into bliss in a never ending series of wild, varied, creative, ludicrous elements. (This is a tossup slot which could also easily go to Iron Gwazi.)

I like food, I like theme parks, but theme park food mostly stinks. As a child growing up in Southern California theme parks, the best dining option was always “leave, go to the nearest In ‘n’ Out.” As an adult traveling abroad, the best option is now “leave, go back to Tokyo / Paris / Hong Kong / Shanghai, their food kicks butt.” So here’s the theme park dining I do like, with convenience being my biggest priority.

4. Prime Time Diner - Disney Hollywood Studios

My favorite overall meal from my one-and-only Orlando trip must make the cut. (Sci-Fi Dine-In would likely beat it out had I managed reservations.) As a thematic concept, dinner in grandma’s kitchen works much better in person than on paper, with big kudos to the in-character servers. Their all-American comfort food menu, while unambitious, was far more successful e.g. the timid, watered-down international food of World Showcase. (I wish WDW dining were easier to do overall without extensive preplanning, since they seem to excel generally with quality and quality.)

3. Carthay Circle Lounge - Disney California Adventure

Back in my pre-pandemic passholder days of commando marathoning Disneyland and DCA in a single day, this was always my fallback option for a midday break when I needed to cool down, rest, and grab a drink. Yes, there was a limited menu too, culled from the (very good) Carthay Circle Restaurant upstairs. I could always do this without planning or a long wait, so I did it often…so often in fact that the bartenders knew me by name. In a Disney park! That’s a rare personal connection which makes this a favorite.

2. Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant - Knott’s Berry Farm

The restaurant so good, they had to build a theme park around it simply to entertain people waiting for a table. Nowadays, this sits conveniently just beyond the Knott’s park gates, it too offering a simple midday respite from the crowds and heat with little muss, fuss, or preplanning needed. Good fried chicken, scrumptious biscuits with jam, a wide drink assortment, just a winning comfort food venue. Best of all is the attached bakery. I never leave Knott’s at day’s end without picking up a fresh boysenberry pie to bring home to friends or family.

1. Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar - Disneyland Hotel

My favorite end-of-day spot, when you’re through with the parks but you’re not ready to go home or abandon their atmosphere. Pound-for-pound, the interior is the most dense with theming of anyplace I know. The overall vibe is both very classically Disneyland while also paying tribute to L.A.‘s mostly defunct mid-century tiki culture. Crowds are a problem, unless you’re a local and you know how to outflank ‘em - a trick I couldn’t pull off with WDW’s Grog Grotto. The tropical cocktails and Hawaiian grub are a little tacky, but in a nice way which fits Trader Sam’s wacky atmosphere.
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I got a Tegan Top 4 question of the day

Top 4 Favorite Disney Resorts?

For myself it's:

4. Yacht & Beach Club - cheating from the start, I do think these resorts count as one as they share many of the amenities (such as Stormalong Bay, that put this on top)

3. Wilderness Lodge - Something about being in the woods in Florida is odd but charming. And given the way Disney resorts at least state-side have been going, I don't think something with this much meticulous detail will ever be built again.

2. Polynesian Resort - this is more for nostalgia, but it's hard to beat the combo of Ohana with Trader Sam's for me plus the convient Dole Whip and tropical music, one of the most relaxing resorts on property

1. Grand Floridian Resort & Spa - while there have been some changes that I don't like such as the removal of the band, it's hard to top this resort at WDW. From the location on the monorail to the dining options and the theme, it's the whole package when it comes to resort stay.

Thanks for being Tegan for a day!
Your complimentary rainbow mafia membership card is in the mail.

My resort list is very fluid and I reserve the right to change it at any time. But, it’s definitely always these four;

4. Polynesian

3. Contemporary

2. Old Key West

1. Boardwalk

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I was about to re-theme Tomorrowland as a Dieselpunk future.
You should go for it. Can’t wait to read it once you finish it.

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