What I didn't like about Princess and the Frog


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1. Tiana started as a cook and ended as a cook, a terrible profession that's hard work, low pay.
2. Tiana wore a borrowed dress for a couple of seconds and never wore it again for any important event.
3. I wanted to watch a black princess, but I ended up seeing a green frog for most of the movie.
4. The music is irritating, not elegant like most Disney movie music.

I don't have a problem with Disney wanting to change Splash Mountain into Princess and the Frog because the two are similar, both having streams and frogs in it. I think it will look amazing. (But I hope they don't put in the same music.) However, it will alienate many Splash Mountain fans, and may not be a smart move for Disney.

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I thought the movie was good not great. I agree the music felt lacking - minus the villain song and Mama Odie's which were showstoppers for me. One correction though in your criticisms
1. Tiana started as a cook and ended as a cook, a terrible profession that's hard work, low pay.
Tiana started as a cook/waitress and ended as a restaurant owner, which is a significant step forward.

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Your third comment is my main beef with the film. I liked Tiana the human a lot - her ambition in particular. But all that got sidetracked into the badly-written frog subplot that diminished her character; as a human, she was charming, but as a frog, she was a killjoy.

The film's best moment is easily the musical number "Almost There". Great song and wonderful impressionistic design and animation. Unfortunately, it was too short (the moment Tiana, as a restaurant diva, walked over to the guy at the piano, was the moment her song should have had a rousing, raucous New Orleans-style finale - instead it dripped away into dreamy mother-daughter sentiment.) Also, whoever wrote the film's score didn't give it enough of a Dixieland flavor (is it okay to say "Dixieland" nowadays? :rolleyes:) IMO.

Plus Louis the Alligator wasn't funny, the leading man Naveen was a flop, and of course I've said here before (several times) that Dr. Facilier should have been the leading man, instead of Naveen. Dr. F. was a bad guy with understandable motives that Tiana could have turned around (a la Belle and the Beast). He has way more charisma and style than Naveen.

Ah well. Hindsight is 20-20...

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Plus Louis the Alligator wasn't funny
Overall, you're right. He was enjoyable enough, but a lot of missed opportunity to develop his character's comedic potential. I'll admit he did give me one laugh-out-loud moment when I saw the film at the theater. When he enthusiastically shouts "I FOUND A STICK!!!" Just so random and completely out of nowhere. Not sure why but it had me laughing. I wish there had been more comedy to his character, considering he's a top predator of frogs, there could have been some funny antics thrown in.


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I agree that the frog element seemed to really sidetrack a decent story. However the villan in this one was and is one of my favorite disney villans.

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