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What’s open...what’s not?


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So we will be visiting in October and trying to get a heads up on the “new” parks. We have been multiple times per year over the past 10 years and my first time to visit was 1980.

I’m just seeking info from those who have visited the Parks recently as I have tried to look online for what all is open. I’ve found quick service is hit or miss and I have made my ADR’s today. Curious as to what may be closed in the Parks that may be a surprise or any other surprises that you may have found.

I am looking forward to visiting as it is going to bring my back to the olden days of fall with no parades and early closings. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: So I saw the banner regarding opening plans that listed all openings. However, I would appreciate any insight as to whether all the quick service establishments listed are currently operational.
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