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Weather in June


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Hello everyone, I'm going to Disney World in the beginning of June this year. This will be my first visit in the month of June. With that said, what's the weather like in June?

Disney Dad 3000

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This will sound overly simplistic, but just plan on it being hot. I don't mind it as much some, plus we find time to duck inside a store or a restaurant with AC.

Most of our trips end up being June-sept. In June we've had several days at 100, but also times it was mid to high 80s. I think typically though it will max out in the 90s with afternoon storms here and there.


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Hot & Muggy. Average highs tend to be 90-92 with a heat index close to 100. Evenings will be around 72-74. Expect rain showers everyday between around 2-5 but normally do not last very long. It comes down hard and fast and then generally clears up.
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