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WDW Forum: for all or no?


Love a little Disney every day!! ;)
I have found the majority of people on these boards to be nice, and helpful and polite. I try to answer posts for folks when I think I can give them advice/help. I think most here do the same.
Yes, some people just want to prove they know more than you, they may indeed. And sometimes can seem rude.
Don't worry about it, and be friends with the ones who are nice to you.

Yep great advice!! What gets me is even someone like me who tries to be extremely nice and all I want to do is help, gets people rude to me for no reason. I blow most of it off but I too have gotten into it with a few unruly folks before. Very annoying when all I want to do is be helpful and spread some Disney Magic. :rolleyes::cat:


Love a little Disney every day!! ;)
You will encounter all kinds of ignorant and rude people on the Internet. That's just the way it is, sadly. I find that this forum is relatively tame in comparison to comment boards on news sites because that is where the real toxicity lies.

Yes those are absolutely horrible and so judgmental it's pathetic!! :hungover:


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Unfortunately that's how it goes online. Most rude users get what they deserve, but unfortunately I've seen some prominent users who've not only gotten away with rudeness, but also showered with likes.

Daniel Johnson

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Gotta take folks with a grain of salt like that. If it really bothers you, it might be time to take a look at priorities...just saying there s more to life than someone upsetting someone else on the internet. If all else fails, kill um with kindness.

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