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WDW Favorite Attraction Poll #2-Peter Pan’s Flight VS Frozen Ever After

Which is your favorite attraction between these two? Feel free to tell us why

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Wow! A lot of great feedback to our first poll.
You can have another look at it here Poll #1-7DMT vs SM where SM 66% kind of crushed 7DMT 34%.

Many thanks to all participants!

So, a little ahead of schedule due to popular demand, we continue to compare Walt Disney world attractions and discuss which ones are our favorites.
We hope our second confrontation will be a little closer. In this second match, Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom clashes with Frozen Ever After from Epcot.

Keep the good comments coming!


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Pan..Pan.PAN. I favor the Peter Pan story and characters more. The queue is fun now that its been improved, the ride, although old style still is enjoyable and I love the ride over the sights.


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Although I don’t agree that Frozen belongs in EPCOT, I’m gonna have to say I enjoy it more than Peter Pan. I’ve never personally seen the big deal with the ride, it’s not BAD, just not something I enjoy more than Frozen.


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My reason for picking PP is a selfish one, I like trying to get the perfect picture of the flying Tinks (high ISO and no blur). Frozen sound track is better, queues are close. Peter Pan has the interaction that is cooler but the last few times parents have allowed kids to linger to the point that we feel bad if we stop and hold up the line. We like frozen characters better with the exception for me, being Tink, who is among/if not the most elite of the Disney characters. The frozen ride is more entertaining, only because of the backward part and the little drop. The Pan ride stops during the ride more times than not for us, which does give me a better chance of getting better photos sometimes but, destroys the dynamics of the experience. You can hear the same lines repeated over and over during Pan where this doesn't happen during Frozen. All-in-all, Frozen would be the better ride, but because of Tink, I enjoy PP more, so there.


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In the Parks
I like Peter Pan because of its nostalgia. If it were introduced today, I would probably be disappointed. The animitronics on the Frozen ride are much better. Olaf is one of the best at WDW. However, given the immense popularity of the movie, I think the ride fell well short. Peter Pan gets my vote.

The Empress Lilly

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Pan is one of the all-time greats. Perfect MK.

Frozen destroys its surroundings and would even in a fitting environment still just be a poor, mediocre ride.


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Just taking the ride experiences by themselves (i.e. not their placement), I would say Frozen over MK's Peter Pan. I just went on the Disneyland Paris Pan a month or so back and probably would make a different call if we were comparing that with Frozen, but the MK Pan is just in such horrible shape.


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Both rides are fun for their unique ride systems.

Peter Pan’s Flight is an absolute classic and I adore it for its charm. But it’s also over just a little bit too fast given how long the line always is.

Frozen Ever After is very fun, and the animatronics are incredible. But some of the sets feel like they didn’t reach Walt’s 4th level of detail.

I like both rides equally. But I voted Frozen just because I figured most people voted for Peter Pan.


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Frozen Ever After

Pan is very short and doesn’t have a ton of reride value. It’s a mess getting into without Fastpass too, and isn’t necessarily worth said fast pass either for what else you can get at MK.

Frozen has amazing animatronics, some light thrill factor, lots of little details here and there you don’t notice on the first go, and is easier to (in my experience at least) get on with a shorter wait.


Peter Pan reminds me of the old Snow White ride and (very lightly) Mr. Toad's.....so despite the insane line for such a short ride, just taking the overhead view of the Darlings house and neighborhood - Peter Pan by a mile in my opinion


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I like both rides but I prefer Peter Pan over Frozen.
I think it is because Peter Pan is a classic and having the vehicle being a pirate ship.
Frozen ride is good but I do feel it was rushed a bit and lets just add something to Disney Parks because it is so popular.
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