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WDW Careers


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Hey, I just got back from WDW and what a spectacular time. The magic is alive and well. I also must say, that hat looks fabulous in person, i know i was skeptical but man, it's amazing!

Anyway, onto the point, I've been thinking about WDW careers, now mostly i just want to look into summer jobs. How does this work, is it easy to get a job? How old do you have to be? Is there cast housing? etc.

Any help would be great, thanks!


I think the youngest you can work is through the college program and those are the only cast housing you can stay in is through that program.


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you have to be 16, and they usually will hire anyone w/ a pulse


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Career Jump Start (?)

Sometime around 1990 HR had publicized (Eyes & Ears) a program called "Jump Start" or "Quick Start"... something like that. It was like the College Program... included residence at LBV, transportation, etc. I haven't heard anything about it since, but you might inquire at Casting (WDW/PO Box 10000/LBV, FL 32830).

There was (is?) also a program for local high school students... Project Future. Then again, checking your profile + my advanced math skills, I see you're about 21 yrs old... maybe have taken care of that diploma or equivalency?

Your best next move might be to follow this link...http://wdwip.thefairground.com/disneyjobs.htm

When the co. is hiring, a high school diploma with some part time work experience in foods, merchandise, whatever (where you showed up for work dependably!)... plus your ability to convey a desire to "make the magic happen"... should get you in.

How do you know when there's hiring? Check the casting number provided from the link above.

If you have a car, you'd be just as well to maybe find a roommate/house share through the Orlando Sentinal. Back in '88, I ran a "wanted to rent" ad in the Orlando Sentinal... despite the toll call, had plenty of calls. Flew down to Orlando on a Thursday, interviewed with Casting on Friday and was in Traditions the following Thursday.

Hey, if you can dream it, you can do it.


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Oh no, I'm only 14, I'm just thinking about 2 or three years down the road. But thanks a lot for the info!

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