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News Walt Disney World's Character meet locations to reopen along with more shows and entertainment


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Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Chip 'n' Dale back on land with a return to Donald's Dino-Bash meet and greets at Disney's Animal Kingdom​




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People are happy to see characters back at AK.

Hopefully, this is just a start. They need more in the park.
Thumper and Miss Bunny from Bambi deserve to become common characters at AK again. I remember before Camp Minnie-Mickey closed, both bunnies used to be easily meet before they started appearing randomly or saved for special events (Earth Day and Easter).
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Little kids love it and it sucks up crowds. They need more of these, not less.
And to make up for the removal of Camp Minnie-Mickey for Pandora. Since Camp Minnie-Mickey used to be the main area guests could finds Mickey and Friends alongside other Disney Characters at the park. Besides the main entrance and Rafiki's Planet Watch.


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Here’s what AK needs…at the minimum

-Pocahontas/Meeko at boatdock
-Rafiki at RPW
-Thumper, Miss Bunny, Terk etc
The Bambi Characters especially, trying to find a the best area for guests to find them besides Rafiki's Planet Watch and the main entrance.


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You know…we can have both? A complete park should have attractions, entertainment and character experiences.
I think we can and should. But granted that Dinoland & DAK sit an attraction less, focus should go to a Primerwhirl replacement, and a rehab of Dinoland USA, not the continued revival of this tacky celebration

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