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Walt Disney World:A Vision of the Future


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Sorry been busy a lot lately planting with my garden getting stuff prepared and stuff like that. also sorry if some of the rides don't make since i just used what i can think of as i never seen star wars and had friends that seen star wars to help me with sections.
--Star Wars: Galaxy Edge
53.Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run-Fly the fastest ship in the galaxy while hurling through hyperspace
54.Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance-Find yourself in the middle of the battle between the first order and the resistance
55.Star Wars: Endor Race-Race along in this cross galaxy Speeder bike race. You will start from Batuu and end in Endor. you will see race in multiple famous locations and see some classic characters from the star wars franchise. You will Ride through portal gates to get from multi planets.
The entrance will have rockwork and the high five flowing over on motorbike trains from toy story to galaxy edge. something similar to these imagines


56.Kat Saka Kettles-Sweet and Savory Snacks
57.Ronto Roasters-Grilled Sausage and pork wraps
58.Docking bay 7:Food and Cargo-Variety of dishes from across the galaxy
59.Oga Cantina-Local Beverages
60.Milk Stand-Legendary blue and green milk
61.mandalorian dinner show-Eat a new new restaurant when all of a sudden a attack happens looking for the Mandalorian and baby yoda Lots of special effects happen in the show from small flames to gunshots being heard and sparks
62.The Market Merchants-Creature stall, Toydarian toymaker, Black sphire outfitters, jewels of bith
63.Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquites-Find Unique galactic artifacts
64.Savi's Workshop-Customize your own unique lightsaber with the guidance of the gatherers
65.Droid Depot-Customize, assemble and activate a droid

During random times of a day you will random characters and droids though the land
during times there a hidden spot in the land you can practice using the force in a hidden Jedi of the secret order location.

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Cool. I wonder what you got planned with 20th Century Studios characters, and IPs even if Universal has the theme park rights to The Simpsons.

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