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Visiting Fort Wilderness


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My fiancee and I are pass holders and we frequent the parks. I have explored some of the resorts for food or whatever, but we wanted to see some more. We read that Fort Wilderness has complimentary parking for visitors. We pulled up around 7 and asked where that was. We were asked where we were going, and then told there was a hard close. We were then told the only way to visit was to go to Disney Springs and take a bus, which we didn't have time to do. I haven't found any info regarding a hard close for visitor parking. Is this common?


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During busy Holiday times it is very common.


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Take the boat from MK. Then you can walk around the area by the lake, and venture inward from the bus stops.


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Can't say I've ever heard of a time based close on visitor parking. Especially when FW has Hoop-Dee-Doo which I believe has late shows. The visitor parking at FW would be that external lot, anything internal is for resort guests only. But if they were full, then it's very possible they wouldn't let you park without having a reservation or ADR. However, it is also possible you simply got a CM who was mis-informed about how they were rolling out the parking charges, seems to have been several reports of that recently.


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It is common during peak periods and especially that time of day at the campground because the limited available parking needs to be available for fort wilderness/hoop de doo guests.
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