Victoria and Alberts wins Michelin Star!


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The relevant part:

Victoria & Albert’s: Getting a reservation at this famous spot at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort may be tough, but the wait is worth it, with Chef Matthew Sowers using influences “from Asia to the Nordics.”


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Wife and I ate there in December, 2020 just because we wanted to experience what a 10-course meal was like. The live harpist playing Christmas carols in the center of the room was beautiful.

I knew about what it would cost, based on some research, but $840 for the two of us and we didn't order any wine was probably a one-and-done thing that we can now scratch off our bucket list.
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Only one star? Why didn't it get two or three stars?

Aim high Disney!

I think Michelin is very cautious about giving out 2 stars as the first award to a restaurant. I'll do some research to see if that's true.

ETA: A quick look at the nearly 100 NYC restaurants that have been awarded stars and I've only seen a few of that got 2 stars as their initial rating. And of those, I'm not sure if the chef had prior stars.
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Doesn't anyone find it odd that a tire company does this? I read that a country pays Michelin to review their restaurants which to me is weird.
It started out as a guide for motorists to find a good place to eat. Very appropriate for a tire company.

Over the years it has morphed into a bellweather of fine dining.

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