VGF Expansion/Sales


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They impressed me in person. I went in thinking nah... but left liking them a lot. If those toasters show up, I'd be far more tempted to stay a night or two. But the beverage cooler is a killer to me.

Completely agree. I'd def consider a few nights in this room as part of a split stay, moving up to a 1 bed (or even a true studio) elsewhere for the second leg of my trip. Don't know if I could stay a full week in this room.


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Anybody know how point sales have been doing the last few months for VGF? I imagine strong, but wonder if the sluggish US economy have slowed sales?


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We should get June data later this week.

I doubt it will quite keep up the 100k pace the entire run, but regardless they'll sell out by the end of next year. Perhaps even a little before or while Disneyland Tower is going on sale. It should give them a very solid next year, at least.

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