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Verizon to Buy Disney?


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Disney also has a cap of around $170B...$106 is their share price. In order for this to happen, Verizon would need to leverage almost their entire company against it and pay a massive per share premium, which would never get approved by a board. It would not be out of thought that Verizon is looking at getting into media content, which would mean maybe Disney trying to dump ESPN or some of the non-essential brands.

Disney would likely never sell off parks, ABC, Marvel or the other movie arms. They are just too profitable.
Agree. If Verizon was looking at CBS, then it wants content to compete with AT&T. The only thing that would make sense with a Disney purchase is it's media division - ABC and ESPN.

The rumor has caused a small uptick in Disney's stock, btw.

Chef Mickey

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Spoiler Alert: Verizon ain't buying Disney. Verizon has a massive debt load as it is and is only slightly bigger than Disney. With the premium required to even sniff at shareholders approving it, there is just no way it could happen under a "Verizon buys Disney" scenario.

They just don't have the coin.

The ONLY scenario that is even remotely possible is Apple buying Disney, because they have the cash and there is a loosely related content play Apple could like. Recall Jobs was very fond of Disney as a company..