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Upgrading Ticket & Park Reservation


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The plans for my family (and so many others) have shifted this year. Our original plan for 2020 was Mom and DD1 to go Disney in August as a graduation trip. We booked our DVC and have 4park magic tickets (Get into each park once). Then mom, dad and DD2 were going to do our first ever cruise in Oct.

At this point, we are not really all that comfortable cruising and are going to push that back a year.

August trip is still on, but instead of cruising - we have booked DVC for Jan 2021 for all of us.

My question is with the new park reservation system. Our August trip, we have the tickets and have our park reservations, so we are all set. But when were talking about getting tickets for the Jan trip, I think it makes the most sense for the 2 of us to upgrade to the gold annual pass (DVC) while in the World in August. Here is how I think this should work, but if anyone sees any flaws (besides Disney's IT dept LOL) please let me know. We will upgrade to annual pass in Aug. DH and DD2 will purchase their tickets around the same time and all 4 of us should then be able to reserve parks for Jan?

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