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Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom


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I just looked up the Disboards post and skimmed through the first few pages, and I don't know how I managed to miss that trainwreck for five years. Also this quote from "James" is certainly telling:

So if I wanted to go to India or Australia or Japan for a week I could just hop on a plane and hope for the best? Because by their logic that's the way life should work. :rolleyes:

One more thing, since the Disboards member found her IP, they could have easily done some digging, and perhaps they know the true identity of Katiebug! 🤯🤯🤯
I can see the post now. "This is so unmagical! I went to Japan and not a single person there spoke English! They know many American tourists come through here, they should learn to speak our language so they can help us. It got worse when we went to a sushi restaurant for lunch and they didn't have any McDonald's fries for my little prince and princesses. I was very upset with this unmagical, but thought maybe we could salvage it by going to see the cherry blossoms. Nope! They weren't in bloom! Can you believe they didn't even have the cherry blossoms blooming in December? How am i supposed to have a magical holiday without cherry blossoms! My daughter started crying and not a single Japanese person consoled her!"


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The reason I have not gone in a few years is that I have been busy having children, an adorable little Princess who is 2 years old, named Skye, and my 5-month old little Prince Dylan. I also have a twelve year old princess, Julie, and 14 year old princess, Kaitlynn. We are a big family. We paid lots of money for our tickets.
I just picked up on the fact that since she had two children under the age of three, she would have only paid for four tickets. Still a lot of money for one day tickets, but she would have paid for a family of four, not six.

Wow. Every time I read this, it gets more ridiculous. 🤣
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