Universal Epic Universe (South Expansion Complex) - Opens 2025


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It's fun to speculate so let's keep this going.

I think imprisoning humanoid "monsters" like the Mummy, Invisible Man, and Dracula crosses a weird, uncomfortable boundary because they are almost more human than monster. Wolfman is heavily rumored to be featured in the new rollercoaster and the Creature from the Black Lagoon is heavily rumored to be received an attraction for a future expansion, so chances are those two will not be featured.

Invisible Man would make for a really cheap animatronic, though.
Most of the Universal Monsters -- or at least the more well-known ones -- are humanoids, but I don't know if that would really bother most people. A majority of them are antagonists after all. It would be no different than seeing the Mummy locked up in a sarcophagus, like at the end of the Singapore version of ROTM. Then again, if you're made to feel uncomfortable or sympathetic for any of the monsters, that could also be intentional, as it's entirely possibly that this new character who's brought them all together and experimented on them to create a new monster will be presented as an antagonist herself. Especially with Frankenstein's monster, arguably the most sympathetic of the bunch, playing a key role.
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Aerial look at center of Epic Universe 1 High speed roller coaster turns 2 Mystery attraction with pond 3 Fountain basin 4 Classic Monsters land 5 Restaurant 6 Shops 7 Super Nintendo World

Aerial look at the deepest excavation in Epic Universe construction. Arrow at access ramps for bottom. Conduit being placed before a concrete pour. The semicircle is part of a water feature. A mystery attraction to be toward the retaining walls.

Aerial overview of a central feature of Epic Universe. Attraction to be at corner at right. A water feature at the semicircle. Conduit is being placed before a concrete pour. Note some areas of excavation are lower then the overall casting floor.
Aerial look at activity for the central fountain basin of Epic Universe. Water and electrical conduit being placed, and there are radiating divisions for a likely concrete floor. Arrow points direction of the in-park hotel.
Aerial look at a pair of water features under construction in center of Universal's Epic Universe.
Aerial overview of staging area for track and supports of the high speed roller coaster in Universal's Epic Universe. Look close: two colors for dual racing tracks.
Aerial of center of Epic Universe 1 Classic Monsters land 2 Restaurant 3 Shops 4 Super Nintendo World 5 Mystery attraction 6 How to Train Your Dragon land 7 High speed coaster 8 Fountain basin 9 In-park hotel
Aerial overview of construction at Universal's Epic Universe.
At center, an aerial look at water feature construction so far in Universal's Epic Universe.


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Aerial overview of Super Nintendo World relative to center of the park (lower right). Staging areas on right side of the photo are future expansion space in Universal's Epic Universe.

A straight-down aerial look at Super Nintendo World construction in Epic Universe. 1 Yoshi's Adventure 2 Mario Kart 3 Donkey Kong roller coaster 4 Shops near center of the park

Aerial overview of Super Nintendo World (at left), Classic Monsters land (top right), and water features so far in center of Universal's Epic Universe.


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This is the phase of construction where things look fast. People will be complaining about how much it slowed down in due time.

Yep, once the show building structures are in place, visible progress will get a lot more limited. Now, it may be that some show and other buildings won't start until after some of the major ones currently under construction are done, given how many hub and other buildings outside of the main lands have yet to get more than their foundations. There are also at least 3 or 4 coasters to watch get built, along with the hotels (which haven't really had any work outside of moving dirt yet), so we might see a pretty constant state of construction through the end of next year. Mid-late '24 until the opening will definitely be mostly out of view and not very exciting from an aerial view, though.

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I think it's meant to be inferred by the fact that they needed a plot device to bring the monsters together, as they originated in different parts of the world. It also mentions that they came from Dr. Frankenstein's time, and we know many of the Universal Monsters co-existed at that time thanks to the crossovers. We probably won't see every canon monster represented in this attraction, as they will be represented elsewhere in the land, but I suspect Frankenstein's monster won't be the only one. Based on the Jurassic World comparison, it sounds like some sort of new hybrid creation will also play a major role as well, so we will see both new & old.
I think the Jurassic World comparison was more along the lines of bringing you closer than ever but in a potentially dangerous way, rather than literally making a hybrid creature (the “more teeth” saying is used in Velocicoaster, no hybrids there.) At least that would be my preferred ride experience, the classic monsters are so well known that I think nothing is gained by trying to make a new one for a single attraction. In fact it would probably hurt the experience by overcomplicating it.


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Central hub looks cool
Nintendoworld looks cool but not sure about rides
Monstersworld looks great even with a Wildmouse coaster
Wizardingworld looks cool the ride looks really neat
Dragonworld is my surprise land. Looks really vivid and colorful and fun.
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Universal's Epic Universe will have a series of 3 water features between the park entrance area (at right) and the hotel (out of frame, left). Aerial photo Aug 19



Aug 19 aerial photo of Classic Monsters land in Epic Universe 1 Land gateway. Similar structure is at another land 2 Roller coaster footers 3 Featured attraction entrance 4 Many interesting concrete foundations to ponder. 5 Interesting location for a retaining wall

Two aerial viewpoints (Aug 19) of work for a series of 3 water features spanning the central area of the park. Arrows at the excavations for the feature near the park entrance.
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Tommy Hawkins

Monster Coaster footings(red) over permit plans, some are in places where other items are supposed to go, 3D view in the next tweet. Note how high north in the plot they go, as if the track will loop behind restaurant, maybe around windmill QSR too

So heres the #EpicUniverse Monsters land with footings highlighted yellow and as yet unbuilt items in orange. I might wait a while to speculate coaster layout, but notice how the long section valleys, i would bet money in this being a launch area

I may not be done with this, but I wanted to add something, I haven't said categorically that these are definitely footers. But they are consistent sized, have circular rebar crowns on top, and as of yet, nobody has offered an alternative explanation

Some of the footers next to the kuka ride are VERY large (maybe 8-9ft sq) they should not be there, a road is meant to be there, and the five found pillars are sitting where the bin store is meant to be, good luck getting garbage round those! Also, theyre not even close to done.

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