"Underdog" Pet Project for Spyglass


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"Underdog" Pet Project for Spyglass

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) -- Spyglass Entertainment, the Disney-based producer of "The Sixth Sense," has nabbed the feature film rights to the 1960s cartoon series "Underdog." A broad comedy that parodies the su-perhero genre, "Underdog" is the story of an inept watchdog transformed into a superhero after being acciden-tally exposed to an experimental elixir. The live-action feature will boast CGI elements. The animated TV se-ries, which first debuted in 1964 on NBC, sees Underdog called into action by his would-be girlfriend, ace news reporter Sweet Polly Purebred. The anti-hero subsequently learns to thwart the evil plans of unsavory characters such as underworld uber boss Riff Raff. Spyglass paid rights holder Classic Media a mid-six-figure sum, with the final payout rising to more than $2 million if the film is produced.

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