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Uber from Grand Floridian to Hollywood Studios

We plan to get to HS pretty early on our first morning at the park. I have not been to WDW since Uber's been a thing, so not super familiar with how it works there. I've ready some pre-COVID articles that talk about it, but anything I should know?

My family has a bunch of lolly-gaggers, so if we're running late I would like to take an uber to make things a little faster. Does the driver drop you off reasonably close to the entrance? Is it fairly pain free vs. taking the bus if you're in a time crunch?



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At DHS, the Uber/Lyft drop off and pick up point is very close to the park entrance (the closest of any of the parks). It’s right next to the DHS Skyliner station (park entrance highlighted in red, ride sharing area in yellow).


There are a lot of ride sharing tips. I found Tom Bricker’s site, the Disney Tourist Blog to be a good place to start.

Have fun at the Grand Floridian!
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cost me $11 for a normal uber ride early am last feb.
requested the ride from our room and the car was at the hotel pickup by the time we walked there.
check what time the busses start running tho because it may not be worth the uber. Nice option if it is tho.
We use it so much down there. I have never waited more than 5 mins for an uber anywhere at disney.
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Might want to check uber wait time during those hours before hand. In the past, the hotel bus schedules on the phone work pretty good so that you can just time it to get to the bus station when the bus arrives, but I don't know about now.
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We usually Uber/taxi as opposed to bus. Our May trip we are staying at the Grand Floridian and will do the same. Just reserve it in enough time. Drop off point is very close.
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