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Cross-posting to here, but Tron just had its worst day operationally since the ride opened, and it just celebrated its first anniversary/birthday last week!

Here are the top 3 days with the most downtime:
  • April 9, 2024 (today) with 467 mins (~8hrs) of downtime
  • July 12, 2023 with 392 mins (~7hrs) of downtime
  • Sept 24, 2023 with 370 (~6hrs) mins of downtime
Tron usually has very good uptime and reliability, so these kind of bad days are very rare. Today's problems stem from yesterday (4/8) where it shut down around 4pm and never reopened for the rest of the day.
That continued 'til today until it finally reopened at 1pm, but then went down again for another 3 hours. Only 100 BGs were called today.
Good news (kinda) is MK doesn't seem to be that busy as the morning and afternoon VQ windows lasted for minutes today, which is longer than the norm.

Final Day 386 Stats (4/9):
7am: 55.1 secs
1pm: 508.3 secs, or ~8 mins

BG 100 (-24) is the last BG called for the day at 4:20pm.

Notable stoppages:
9:00 - 1:02pm
1:14 - 4:59pm

Today marks the worst day operationally for ride since it opened about a year ago as it was down for 7hrs 67m, excluding yesterday's downtime at 4pm and never reopening.

April 9, 2024 (today) had 467 mins of downtime
Sept 24, 2023 had 370 mins of downtime
July 12, 2023 had 392 mins of downtime

Average pace: 5mins/BG

VQ Drop Mean/Average:
7am: 9m -> 9m (+0)
1pm: 52m -> 51m (-1m)

That does it for Day 386 of TRON Lightcycle / Run!
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The Tron building/exterior supports have finally been power washed (or in the midst of being cleaned).

Before / After:




Source and more pics:

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