Trip Report Trip Report IV: A New Hope


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Day 6 February 5th continued

Exiting the IG we spotted these relics:



Seriously do people still use these? And if so what can you even put in them. They’re kind of a weird shape.

Our overall goal was to walk to HS but I have a detour in mind. 😉

Stopped in at the Boardwalk Bakery where DH got (big surprise) coffee.

Decided to sit for a bit while DH had his coffee. We made a new friend who was a little disappointed that we didn’t have food.


I was really tempted to get some Ample Hills ice cream but I wasn’t hungry. Then I realized that we were mere minutes away from Abracadabar opening up. My detour was working out perfectly. 😉


Our server was Sam. Sam did nothing. Jk! Our Sam was great. Really friendly, good knowledge of the drink menu.


Per Sam’s recommendation I tried the Black Manhattan. It was excellent. DH had just his coffee and Sam found it rightfully hilarious. (This is often the reaction we get to our different beverage habits)


Sam didn’t have to twist my arm too much to get me to order another drink.

This time I tried the Collins Double. It was good but my first reaction was that it wasn’t very boozy. Soon I found there was waaay more gin in it than I realized. 🥴


(This picture looks like how I felt after I was done with the drink...)

I quite enjoyed Abracadabar and would definitely go back. The whiskey selection was good. The bartender really knew his stuff too. I think next time I would like to sit at the actual bar.

Perhaps it would be a fitting place to meet up with some Magicians.


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Another real life interlude:

With our likely upcoming ‘stay at home summer’ in mind I decided to order an ice cream maker. 🍦

For our inaugural batch we made Dole orange soft serve. (Thank you Amazon!) It turned out great.



Today I tried some mixed with a bit of vanilla ice cream. Extra yum.


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Day 6 February 5th continued

We continued on our journey to HS as soon as I felt less like this:


I love the walk between Epcot and HS.


Hey there little friend:


We entered HS about 5:30. Tried Star Tours one more time in the hopes of getting different scenarios. Got a different beginning scene. Same locations and ending. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Next up was my spirit jersey hunt. Found the design I wanted but not my size at two shops. Finally found what I was looking for at Launch Bay.

Here are some poorly taken pictures of it from after the trip:



Since the trip was wrapping up DH humored me with some more store exploring. I wanted to get one of the tiny SW reusable bag so we were off to Batuu.

Forgot which stall/shop I spotted this guy in: 😂


I love the kids toy stall in Batuu. Such cute stuff. Somehow doggo hasn’t destroyed her porg toy yet so we didn’t get another stuffed toy for her but I did get my bag and something else from there.

(Here’s the current porg toy status:)

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Day 6 February 5th continued


We joined the line for MF:SR about 640 and had about a 25 min wait.

(DH was kind enough to take a real picture of me too

Our assignment:


We were both really excited. We were also both really terrible pilots. 🤦🏻‍♀️

We has a blast though and luckily the dad and son also in our cabin didn’t mind our terribleness.

A gonk! 😍


That’s no moon...


Oh wait. Nope. It’s the moon.


Our final FP of the trip was next- SDD. I thought it was even more fun at night.


We watched the SW Galactic Spectacular from some benches near the Brown Derby. We couldn’t see everything but we got to be off to ourselves.

We left just before the end to beat the crowds and were on bus by 830.

We must have eaten dinner or something at some point this evening. But I have no notes on it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Back to the room to start the sad process of packing and then off to bed. 😢

This was a pretty perfect final park day.
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