Trip Report Trip Report IV: A New Hope ***Completed***

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Trip Report IV: A New Hope

It is a period of domestic unrest. After years of wearing him down BES has won her first victory in getting DH to join her at WDW.

After her last adventure to WDW BES managed to uncover DH’s not so secret plans to see Disney’s ultimate weapon: STAR WARS STUFF.

Pursuant to DH’s hint of interest, BES raced to plan an awesome trip to win her spouse over to the Disney side of THE FORCE and restore freedom to the galaxy...

When: January 31st to February 6th
Where: Port Orleans- Riverside
Who: Just DH and myself (BES)

Here’s the pre-trip report.

I’ll start with something I finished in between trips. I’m not kidding when I say we are a pro-SW household:

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Day 0: January 30th

I’ve noticed a common thread on these boards lately that a lot of people are having a rough period at work. I’m definitely one of them. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time.

Long story short a lot of major changes happened without any planning or training. We were barely staffed for the old stuff and now it’s worse with the new stuff. It’s crisis mode 24/7 and super stressful.

We’ll start the trip as I ended my last terrible shift.


It was doozy. I was out the door ASAP and after relaxing at home for a bit DH and I went out to dinner.

We also went out to get some last minute trip things. Things DH didn’t think we needed but was grateful for later. Such as:
  • Bottles of water
  • Stuff for breakfast in the room
  • Snacks
  • Disposable coffee cups
  • Instant coffee
  • Little creamer cups
Saw this guy in clearance:


The pic doesn’t capture how creepy the eyes were. I’m not surprised no one bought it at full price.

Then home for packing and doggo cuddling.

I had all of my clothes packed before bed. This was a Disney first for me. 😂


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Day 1: January 31st

I woke up before my alarm. My body was sore all over. My groggy first thought was “Oh no the flu!”


Then I realized that my arms likely hurt from the gym and my legs were sore from the chaos at work.

(During all of my shifts this week I ended up pushing my chair out of the way and standing/running around like a crazy person the entire shift.)

DH did some house cleaning (Yeah. He’s a keeper 😍) and last minute packing.

I went to a gym and a yoga class. Then ran some last minute errands. (Which included getting my glasses tightened- apparently saunas and glass don’t mix well. 🤓😬)

As I was finishing getting ready my mom texted me to see if we wanted her to pick up doggo instead of us dropping her off.

This was great but we had to quickly pack all of the dog’s stuff. (If we do it too early she gets way too excited)

Waiting for “grandma”:


We thanked my mom for watching her and said our goodbyes.


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Day 1: January 31st continued

This was our first time leaving for a vacation in the afternoon. I enjoyed it a lot. It was so much more laid back than leaving early morning.

Trip the airport was easy peasy. It was just barely snowing and about 32*F and little traffic.

Spirit bag tag/ drop off was chaotic but overall quick. Security line was pretty short.

Had a lunch/dinner at MOD pizza which is one of DH’s favs.


While eating I saw that our room was ready. I asked DH if he wanted to know where it was.

DH: “Sure. But it means nothing to me. 🤷🏻

I struggled to get the app to show me the room. (I hoped it was not foreshadowing for day 2’s events.)

Success. And a surprise.

BES: “We got an upgrade! Well kind of...You’ll see.”

DH: “ummm...yay?“

Grabbed some coffee and by the time we got to the gate they were already boarding.

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Day 1: January 31st continued

Boarding was too quick for me to finish my coffee before we got on the plane.

Clorox-wiped my area, masked up and downed the rest of my drink asap to be able to leave my mask alone for the remainder of the flight.

I know my precautions are a bit silly but it’s better than nothing.

Incidentally, “better than nothing” is a great way to describe my compromised immune system. 😂 😷


The upside of the coronavirus mania was that no one batted an eye at my face mask since so many people were wearing them.

DH was at the window:


I was in the middle seat. In the aisle seat there was Spirit pilot. 👨‍✈️Never hurts to have a spare pilot on board.

I had a zillion questions for him that I kept to myself. 1) I know how annoying it is to not be at work and get asked work questions. 2) I respect the earbud code.

Flight landed 25 minutes early or should I say on time. (Our original flight time seemed exaggerated but our actual flight time of ~2.5 hours was what it originally should have been.)

We deplaned.

DH: “What’s that feeling? Oh humidity! Wow.”

BES: “Yes. Can’t you see my hair getting shorter? 😂

Since our flight didn’t land until the evening we declined the DME luggage transfer. After our fonorail ride we got our suitcases.

While waiting for the bags to drop DH and I waited outdoors for a bit. It was in the 60s which for us was amazing.

Time for DME. Area was pretty empty. Got on a bus right away and maybe had to wait 10 min before it took off.

We stopped at OKW, SS, POFQ and finally Riverside.
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