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Trip Report Treat Yo Self! (within reason) LIVE-ish! **COMPLETE**


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Have a great trip!
Thanks! So far so good.

I did a solo trip in DLP last year and when I went on teacups I was initially alone, and then a CM had two 20 something girls get out of another teacup and put them in mine! At first we all awkwardly looked at each other and then said “this is kind of weird” but in the end it worked out well because our teacup was particularly hard to spin - I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own. I did, however, get an entire boat to myself on Pirates - so I send you some pixie dust that you have something like that on your solo trip 😀
Ha! Hop ons can be a blessing in disguise I guess. Thanks for the pixie dust wishes.

What?! I have never been on MS but I clearly need to put it on my must-do list if Gina Torres is in the video!!!
I highly recommend green only. 🤢

Really enjoying your photos--that close-up of the woodwork in the Stave Church is great. I think you also have a nice room at Pop. :)
Thanks. There are so many great photographers on this site I am flattered.


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Day 2- morning

@Rista1313 you are correct the new POP beds are really comfy!

Despite the great bed my sleep wasn’t so great. The renovated POP rooms do seem a bit noisier. Seemed easier to hear the showers and toilet flushes around me. I’m pretty sure I heard someone pee at some point. 😦

The AC and bathroom fan clicked on a lot too. I may have been just hyper-aware of it being alone. I will try ear plugs tonight if my ears unclog a bit more today.

Had kid’s waffles and my Starbucks VIA coffee from home.

Got on a bendy bus right away to MK.

Used the AP entrance for the first time. Green light!

There was a wedding in the train platform!

Got in about 1/2 hr before drop rope. Waiting in about a maybe 1/3 full Hub for my first welcome show.


Today’s theme: Maximum Effort!
(The coffee is integral)


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First solo trip issue. On both WS boat rides I was assigned my own row and then the people who were supposed to be on the boat behind me got on my boat. I didn’t need or expect my own anything but it kind of irked the CMs and confused the next guests.

It’s early but I’m calling hop ons as a theme of the trip.
If it's a boat, sit on the side where people get in. If you get in on the right, sit on the far right side so no one can join you. Then, when the gates close you can move to the middle or wherever you like! My DW and I have this problem even when there are two of us so we always spread out so no strangers will join us!


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I'm glad the bed was comfy for you too! I didn't hear any noises when we were there, and we were on the bottom floor. In fact we were right next to the hippy dippy pool, so I thought it was going to be noisy, but the minute we shut the door, it wasn't.
It wasn’t super loud but louder than I remember last visit. External noise was low. Just lot of plumbing and HVAC stuff. I’m on the 3rd floor so maybe that’s some of it.

If it's a boat, sit on the side where people get in. If you get in on the right, sit on the far right side so no one can join you. Then, when the gates close you can move to the middle or wherever you like! My DW and I have this problem even when there are two of us so we always spread out so no strangers will join us!
That is an awesome tip. I’m going to try that for sure.


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Day 2 morning continued

Welcome show was nice. Glad I saw it.

I’m pretty sure the rest of the morning was:
  • Space Mountain
  • Dumbo
  • Little Mermaid
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • People Mover
Early lunch at BoG

I thought it would be too early when I booked it but I am more than ready.

My hangry face- captured in stone.

Coq a vin and a chocolate cream puff. C’est bon!


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Day 2- Afternoon
  • Pooh
  • Peter Pan
    • VIP tour behind me. Bless those CMs who guide them. The family seemed nice though. Just surprised that even they had to wait in a line. (the ride had paused for a wheelchair load- the FP line extended outside of the queue for it.)
  • Memento Mori
  • Muppets’ Great Moments in American History- hilarious.
  • Haunted Mansion.
    • CM letting people in needed a Snickers. Our group piled up in the anteroom to the stretching room at first. She was not pleased. In our defense it was really dark and we were filling in all available space. I think sometimes the directions CMs give are not as clear as they think.
I enjoy the extra design pizazz in things like this. It could have been just all the same fencing.

Monorail to Contemporary. Almost forgot to get off here. I wanted to check out the Mary Blair mural. I’ve seen it before but never really looked at it. I would be interested in knowing more about how it came about- both in idea and physical construction.

Trouble on monorail Lime. It stopped right before the TTC. Had an announcement about it needing a maintenance check. Eventually slowly lurched into the station but left for Poly quickly and smoothly. Not sure what the deal was.

Next up. Poly. My first visit. It does have a smell! Having a much needed rest in the lobby with some Kona coffee.

Guess what? tiki butt.


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following along. Love your commentary..
Thanks! I wasn’t sure if it was too much or not enough. Good to know my commentary is going in a good direction.

Okay...I admit it. I giggled at "tiki butt". My 5 yr old self loved it!! :hilarious:
😂 Good. There seems to be a lot of pearl clutching (on the other parts to the forum mostly) so I’m glad “butt” isn’t too blue for this crowd.


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Day 2: Rum o’clock?

I strategically stretched out my coffee break til 4pm and ventured over to Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. There was already a line. There was also already a list. The people in the line were (BES included) were confused about the list. Luckily all line people and all list people made it in.

Had the Hippo-pot-o-mai-tai at the communal table. A pretty mild mannered communal table which was just my speed. The people on my end were very nice.

I bought the glass so it ended up being an expensive drink. Considering it a drink and a show. A lot of fun.
Methinks if BES had visited this place with her college friends it would have been even more fun and way more expensive. 🙄

A hidden Mickey? Although if I found it isn’t not hidden very well...

Got on the monorail again and got off at the Grand Floridian. It was beautiful and a great band was playing near Mitzners.
What is this? A former birdcage?

Didn’t stay at GF too long. I felt a bit of imposter syndrome there. I know it’s in my head but I felt like someone was going to drag me out as someone who didn’t belong.

Caught a bus to DS for dinner and who knows what else.


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If it's a boat, sit on the side where people get in. If you get in on the right, sit on the far right side so no one can join you. Then, when the gates close you can move to the middle or wherever you like! My DW and I have this problem even when there are two of us so we always spread out so no strangers will join us!
I second this! Works like a charm. Most people don’t want to sit with a stranger but sometimes just get confused about what they should do. If you use your body so people can’t get in then it makes life easier for everyone!


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Day 2 evening:

Evening at DS. Dinner at Amorette’s Patisserie. Had the caprese crepe.

Walked around. My first time since it became DS. Very visually nice. Super clean. Overall meh though. It’s like the outdoor version of my home mall with a bigger Disney store.


I did enjoy the security presence. Going back to the buses I turned down an alleyway between some stores and hesitated because it was kind of dark. Then I saw Disney security straight ahead. Nice. Solo lady approved.

Decided to call it a night and head back to POP. My face is so itchy. It took me until the evening to figure it out. I’m getting my spring allergies early. Time for some Benadryl and a sleep.

Day 2 Wrap Up:

: 0
Boozes: 1
New food places: Amorette’s
New resorts visited: 2
Song of the day: Green Light- Lourde



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Day 3- Morning
Much better night’s sleep. Maybe it was because I closed the door to the bathroom area or because I wore ear plugs or...maybe because of the Benadryl. 😴🥴

Breakfast at AoA. Food area was more crowded than POP’s was at a similar time yesterday.

Naan sandwich. Good but messy.

My breakfast pal- Hoppy. I stayed strong and didn’t feed him.

Bus to HS loading just as I walked up.

The skyliner and new bus area construction looks good.

15 min before official open they let people go. Everyone of course went to the same area- TSL. I headed that way too. Mostly because it was the path of least resistance.

SDD had 65 min wait already. No thanks. Walked on to Alien Spinning Saucers. Cute but wouldn’t want to wait for it.

TSMM. Fun as always but little less so solo without the trash-talking and competition with family members.

Muppet Vision 3D as a walk on. Muppets humor always cracks me up. I really hope this ride stays for a while but based on location I am worried.

ToT. Great ride all around. CMs were all fantastic. Josh in the loading area especially so.

RnRC. Despite the Aerosmith music it was fun. Seemed like a rougher ride than I remember or maybe I’m just getting old.

Saw Indy. Got there less than 5 min before and there were still plenty of seating. It looked pretty full by showtime though.

At this point I was done with HS. It used to be my favorite park and likely will be again with SW:GE but right now it was just sad.

HS/SW side rant: Where is all of the porg stuff? I was unfettered by DH and ready to buy. Your loss Disney.


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Day 3- afternoon .

Walked to Boardwalk. Ample creamery for lunch. Don’t judge. I think mine was called malty salty pretzel.
Walked to BC didn’t bother to check out YC. It was hot. BC seemed nice enough.

Walked on to Epcot thru the International Gateway and into WS. Almost stopped for real lunch at Tangerine Cafe but the line was too long. 😕

Ended up with a frozen margarita and tostados in Mexico. No pics because I devoured it too fast. I guess I was more hungry than I thought.

Chatted with DH in that hallway behind Club Cool and then inside the Sea Base area of Nemo.

At home there was a good layer of ice on the driveway in the afternoon. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was hiding out indoors because it was too sunny. 😂


After my chat was done I explored The Seas more. Not very crowded and it was fish feeding time.

On my way out of Epcot I decided to just take a peak at the line for TT. Regular line: 70 min. Single rider: 20 min. Single rider was really a walk on. Glad I stopped by.

Waited for a bit for a bus to WL. The lady in front out me had apparently been waiting for 40 min. I think mine was within the promised 20 min.

First visit to WL. First impressions- love it. The lobby area was smaller than I imagined though. WL and Poly are ones so far that I can imagine actually staying at.

Wandered a bit and found Territory Lounge. Had a Manhattan. Online menus had it as a featured drink but the actual menu didn’t. The bartender was legit though so no problem.
I did ask for on the rocks as I was still cooling down. It was just ok. (FYI- the Cabana Bay Resort bar makes great ones or at least it did a couple years ago).

Now waiting for a boat to MK.




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Day 3 evening

In route to MK

In need of caffeine so grabbed a coffee at Starbucks.

Failed attempt at Cheshire Tail (closed) Didn’t want to try a Dole Whip yet as I had ice cream for lunch.

(Are all Dole Whips created equal? Does it matter if I get one at MK vs Poly vs POP)

Went with a good old snack standby- the churro. Pleasantly surprised the price was a bit less if you declined the chocolate sauce.
Oh Club 33. This is as close as I will ever get.
  • Pirates
  • Jungle Cruise
  • IASW
HEA ended just as I got off IASW. EMH was now starting. Thought I would head back to Frontierland. Splash was down. BTMR had a huge line to get in line. I wasn’t sure if it was down too or what.

Headed back to Fantasyland and figured out that issue. Band readers seem to be really slow and perhaps a lot of non resort guests still trying to get on rides. Lines at most rides (even IASW) extending way beyond the actual line. (Is this typical for EMH? I don’t remember it being like that previously.)

Rode the Carousel. Then realized that this might be the best time for Astro Orbiter. I had never done it before.

Before the elevators a group in my corral stated they would divide between 2 rockets. In the elevator a teen in the group decided she wanted her own rocket. The mom said she could ride with her sister or maybe with that lady. Me. 😮 Unclear if that was a joke or a threat or what.

Luckily once on the platform there ended up being an open rocket and they were looking for a party of 2 or 1. My hand has never shot up faster.

I rode Space Mountain again and decided to call it a night. Got on a bus right away.

Grabbed some late night pizza. Relaxed in the room and prepped for my room transfer.


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Day 3 Bonus:

Overhead in Epcot from a lady who was very clearly American, having just past America and was now fully in Italy:

“Is this the America?”

Day 3 Wrap Up:

: 0
Boozes: 2!
New attractions: Alien Spinning Saucers, Astro Orbiter
New resorts visited: 2 (had previously been to Boardwalk)
New food places: Territory Lounge (I didn’t have food there though) Margarita place in Mexico. Don’t remember the name.
Song of the day: So What’cha Want- Beastie Boys



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Day 4- morning

Left over pizza for breakfast.

Packed up my bags and tidied up room. Left bag at luggage services.

Bus to AK- took 3 buses to get on. Came relatively quick. (I think I waited longer for that bus from Epcot to WL)

First FP for Everest. It was closed. Walked around. Got multiple experience FP instead. Anything but Avatar stuff.

Grabbed some coffee and a honey pistachio croissant. The only problem with the croissant was that flavor-wise made me wish I was eating baklava instead.

Had an awkward amount of time before my next thing. Something I definitely didn’t want to miss. Just chilled and enjoyed the croissant in the courtyard by Tamu Tamu.

Never knew this area was back here. Very quiet and cool.

I was thinking about dabbling in poaching but not anymore!

Then it was time to check in for Up Close with Rhinos! It’s going to be text heavy so I’ll do it separate.
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