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I read that it will be both at bigger screen and regular movie house and it suppose to be real good any info on it? Like story line I never read Treasure island.


Ohh, geez, I think I read the kid's version a long time ago. Well, let's see, I've seen Muppet Treasure Island.

It's about a boy, jim, and his gonzo, and his rat, (both of which probably not in this movie)who go off looking for Treasure, when they find a map in their house or something. After taking the map to the city and finding a Captain, they are told to keep the map safe, and tell no one about it.

This is probably when the spoilers start:

The crew turns out to be a group of drunken crazy pirates. The "cook" befriends Jim, and seems to be a nice guy, but then, the crew takes over the ship, puts the Captain and his followers into the jail cell on the ship. The cook, " Long John Silver, is actually their leader. He keeps Jim to help him find the treasure.

But that's about as much as I remember, and it's probably good that way. Let me tell you, this is going to be an amazing movie. This is going to blow away all movies we've seen before. This will be, wow, I don't know, but it'll be amazing and huge.


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i was in a play of tresure island about a year ago we travelled all of the uk and even some of france i played the part of captain smollet9kermit the frog)in the mupets version


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Its going to be a space version of Treasure Island...well...loosly based off of that at can probobly find reviews of the book all over the net....but I wouldnt rely on it being too much like "treausure planet"....

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