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Transpo Question


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Sorry in advance, because I know this has been done to death, but I need some advice on what is currently the best way to get to the Disneyland Hotel from LAX. :confused: We're normally happy to let Disney handle the logistics but the reviews of both services offered (Karmel, DRE) are all over the map .....we've been spoiled by DME at WDW.

We just want to easily exit LAX, be on our way quickly and then return later on time and without hassle. We've been to DLR many times before and have always had a car, but for this trip using other transportation makes more sense. We (two adults) will be traveling on AA coming from Texas, arriving on a Friday morning and departing (also on AA) to Japan the following Monday morning.

Any suggestions?


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Too bad you didn't go John Wayne instead of LAX. You could have gotten to the resort in a half hour instead of two with bad traffic. I try to avoid LAX like the plague.


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Agreed on LAX being a really bad choice of airport, and as a semi-frequent traveler to Asia I also have to say that flying American to Japan is a really bad experience compared to Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, or ANA. But if you really wanted to do it this way instead of flying into John Wayne on Friday and then departing LAX on Monday nonstop to Narita via Singapore Airlines...

Pay the extra money for Uber Select or Black or Lyft Luxe, and then settle in for an hour to Disneyland. Traffic southbound out of LA County towards Orange County won't be too bad on a Friday morning. Getting back up to LAX on a Monday morning will be very challenging.


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I have used Lansky car service quite a few times and I do not have anything bad to say about their service. It has always been very professional and the driver (same one each time) has been friendly. He has met us at the baggage claim area of the airport with a cart ready to load our luggage and the car is usually parked close by. The service also offers a grocery stop for flights before 10pm. Car seats are provided if you need them. On the pick up back to the airport our driver was not only prompt but actually 10 minutes early, which to me shows that the service cares to be on time. Oh and they have bottles of water for you in the car too, which I suppose isn't earth shattering but I nice touch with comfort in mind for their clients.

The first time we used Lansky was in December and our flight was delayed for hours because of weather the night before. I hadn't used a car service before so I was nervous and called them to let them know of the delay. They already knew and assured me that a driver would be at the airport whenever we arrived. I had also scheduled with them to stop at an In-n-Out Burger instead of the normal grocery stop and when the driver met us he asked if we still had a taste for In-n-Out Burger, I thought for sure it would be skipped because we were so late we might have thrown off their driver schedule. So I was impressed with that too. My husband and I declined the stop because by that point we just wanted to get to Disneyland.

I have also used Karmel and it wasn't the best experience, it was actually on a trip with my sister and her daughter. It was their first time to California. Anyway, our flight was late by like 15 minutes and the driver berated us for keeping everyone (it was a shared van) waiting. It wasn't our fault! And on pick up they were 20 minutes late and tried to charge us twice for using the service.

I have also used Uber to LAX (I had flown into John Wayne/Orange County) and that experience was just fine. I have had good luck anytime I have used Uber and Lyft actually.

On a last note, I have flown into LAX quite a few times when going to Disneyland and I always time how long it takes us to get from the airport to Disneyland. The only time it has taken almost 2 hours was when we rented a car other wise it has taken about 40-50 minutes. We do try to avoid rush hour times though. I do allow extra time for going back to the airport though, the last time we went back to the airport, it was 9 pm at night, and with the construction that was going on at the airport we were stuck in traffic for 40 minutes. That was with our Uber driver. I felt bad for him that his trip was taking longer with no extra money like a taxi could charge, but he was really nice about it and that was before we tipped him.
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