Transatlantic, boring?


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Our neurotic dog died a couple years ago. He was a beagle and a total nutcase. But I remember having to bundle him off to "camp" (a long-term kennel) or arranging a dog-sitter every time we wanted to escape to Orlando. Good luck! :)

We just booked the “spa” for our cats while we are on the Dream next month. :)


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Just got back. Amazing trip. Port days were actually our least favorite. Highly recommend the horse ranch in the Azores, the tapas tour in Cartegena, and the hop on hop off bus in Malarga.

Shout outs to Padraig and Rafael in O'Gills, our cabin steward Aldo from Peru, Dede in the adult pool area, our waiters Servet and Kittichai, and Danny Buchler the magician. Would do this again in a heartbeat.


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On the minus side, the DJ was often a bit too loud, our Seville tour was quite mediocre, and losing an hour most days was tiring. Even so, I would take a Transatlantic cruise every year if I could. Lots of days at sea.


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So if you were to do it again, would you recommend flying to Barcelona (or Dover) and sail back to the states?

Yes, if for no other reason than to gain an hour a day on the ship. However, they say the northern route in fall is a bit bumpier and colder. Several prior western transatlanticers mentioned that the weather isnt as nice. Unfortunately, it won't fit into our schedule schoolwise either.


DH and I did the Western TA back in 2017 and absolutely LOVED it! The only downfall for us was that due to hurricane Maria coming up the eastern seaboard, our port of call into St. John's, Newfoundland was cancelled as we would've been sailing into NY right as the storm was scheduled to hit. So we ended up with 6 nights at sea (a few rough days due to some storms). It was definitely a port I was looking forward to seeing. DCL did make up the missed port by staying in NY overnight so the ship was basically our hotel. They did arrange some last minute excursions (which we didn't do--we decided to tour the city on our own).

We sailed in Sept. and definitely had nice enough weather to layout and "sun" ourselves in swimsuits. I never got tired of the sea days, personally, as I love to read/nap up on deck or even just watch the funnel vision movies. There were interesting guest speakers onboard and things heard more for adults on this cruise (I think they said there were less than 100 kids onboard). That being said, we were NOT prepared for how busy the adults' only section would be--definitely NOT a relaxing spot! You had to fight for the nice padded lounge chairs, people left towels on them so you never knew if someone was actually using it or if they left their used towels there for the cast member to "clear away."

Biggest highlight for us was sailing into NY harbor in the morning and having a view of the Statue of Liberty from our verandah! We did go up on deck for some hot chocolate and to get some NY skyline pictures but it was too windy to stay up there for long. So glad we booked a port-side room!

I would definitely love to do the Eastern crossing sometime or the Panama Canal for the same reasons: good price, long cruise, less kids on board, and romantic time spent with loved one!
My wife and I were on this same cruise. We enjoyed the consecutive sea days. Plenty of entertainment to keep us busy but also enough downtime to relax. Best of both worlds really!

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