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Train case ear holder


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Venturing into other parts of the forum today! Thought I'd share the ear holder train case(s) I made. One for myself (Figment) the other for my BFF (Duffy). Fabric was courtesy of said BFF, she ordered it somewhere online. The Mickey head parts on the holder courtesy of my local library's 3D printer. Pics not the best b/c I just snapped them out of a video I made for her when I sent the finished product. The Mickey head holder part is double duty that it'll fit in the bag to carry, but can also be set out on the dresser etc. B/c the shape of headbands leave some gap, there's some open space under the ears when in he bag. My last trip I just stuck a sunhat and a pouch of cords in it, but I may make a smaller version of the thing the headbands sit on to be used for MB that could be set down in there too


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