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News Toy Story Mania to be available via standby queue ahead of entrance relocation


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Photo update as of Sunday, June 17, 2018.



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Why wouldn’t they just wait until a week before TSL opens and then do this? Or just keep it closed until June 30th and not have to worry about reopening and making the queue have to work for like another week. Just seems like odd timing to me.


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This is re-opening on the first day of my trip this week. Are FP and all tracks going to be back up? Or will it still be standby only with reduced capacity?


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There was a delayed opening, and cast members warned that the ride could close at any moment. They had everyone being moved around like cattle out in Pixar Place, but the indoor queue was nearly empty.

The posted 75 minute wait time ended up being around 15.

I noticed that about two weeks ago as well. Full switchbacks outside, including the cross-path-choreography, but once we were let in the building all of the switchbacks were open and we walked straight through. Seemed odd. Something that also seemed odd is the new Resort-wide policy of letting an entire Fastpass+ line dwindle, then letting in two pairs of standby visitors, then repeating the process, but I digress...

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