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Can anyone shed some light on whether it is worth it to purchase a Touring Plan Subscription for my upcoming trip in June? I have never used anything like this before and wondered if it has helped anyone in the past?


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We use Touring Plans website for many of the same reasons as others have stated. In years gone by, we actually used the Touring pages from the Unofficial Guide to tour the parks. Some say that there is too much backtracking, but we found that the plans really work to help make the most of your time. I also like the Crowd Calendars and Crowd Trackers on the site.
With a subscription you can tailor the plans for your group. Either starting with a ready-made plan or starting from scratch.
Choose what you want to do, add in any ADRs and breaks etc. And then you have a choice.
- you can either use the Optmiser to select the best way to do everything whilst minimising your total wait time across the day
- or you can use the Evaluation tool to keep your order of attractions and see how long it will take you.
Either way is useful, depending how you like to see the parks, and you can tweak the plans as you want.

I prefer to Evaluate my own plans and have an idea of how long it will take, or what is achievable in a given amount of time. Others prefer to let the Optimiser tell them the best plan.

There are also blogs which have done some in depth studies of Genie+ and comparisons of touring with and without it.

And their Lines App gives far more accurate wait times than MDE will, because it’s actual times as entered by users in the parks.
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