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ToT Holograms


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I have a question, how are the holograms in the first floor done, I think they are done like on the Mansion, but I want to be sure...


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Do u mean the ppl on the first floor "floating" or whatever ? If so this is how its done.

There is a screen that is seethrough, and from the vehicle; its hard to see it. A projector projects the video onto the screen alowing the back ground to still be seen. This effect is cool because it really kinda looks like they are there. Then when the room gets dark and it looks like the window is floating towards you . : the lights on the sides "I belive" are fiber optics or just little bulbs... lots. When you see the window coming " towards" you all that is happening is the window is being made bigger to make it look like its coming torwards you. Add audio and people and you got a great ride. I hope that helped.


It uses a trusty Peppers Ghost illusion, as used in the ballroom at Haunted Mansion.

Depending which lift you are in, (left or right), the projector is firing at a screen to your left, or right side. Directly infront of you is a piece of glass at 45 degrees, reflecting the image from the side corridor screen.

The star field uses a mixture of fibre optics, in the actual corridor you can see, and in the reflected corridor to your left or right. This gives the impression of them being right in front of you.

The corridor you can see used forced persepctive, and is in fact very small. If you were to walk along it you would have to bend down to fit.


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In case you didn't visit the homepage of the site with peppers ghost, here it is...


Here's one about the Haunted Mansion, and it tells a lot of it's secrets...


Heres one about Disney Imagineering...


This one is like a table of contents to a bunch of sites like the first one I gave (mostly Halloween stuff)...


If I think of anymore I'll post them.

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