News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom


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Andrew M

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Sorry, I know I will catch hell for this, but coming out of that tunnel and seeing a cement wall doesn't give me a feeling of railroading in the 1800s. I get it is a simple train ride, but again what you see from that train was so much more important on October 1, 1971.
From day one on the WDWRR you could see the Contemporary from the train. That doesn't exactly scream steam railroading either.

Andrew M

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Comparing a distant view of a themed resort to a cement wall that is next to the tracks is interesting.
My point was that the entire run was never themed to a certain era and an unpainted concrete wall in an active construction site isn't ruining an otherwise pristine illusion of the 19th century. Especially when just past this point is the bottom of Space Mountain with more concrete..


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The WDWRR has always been lame when compared to the DLRR.
Just like all comparisons between coasts they both have some pro’s and con’s. The electric starters and exposed signaling conduit are a con, but the WDW locomotives are larger and are a nicer “matching fleet” - plus the run through the swamp feels like an actual train ride for a few minutes vs. a theme park ride.

There are naturally many pros to the Disneyland railroad as well.


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The train was being test run again this afternoon. I hope it's a sign it will reopen soon. I wonder if they'll open it back up while Tron is still a construction zone though. Also hope it continues to operate it throughout Splash Mountain's closure.
It usually operated when Splash was closed for annual refurb with the windows covered in the tunnel.


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It usually operated when Splash was closed for annual refurb with the windows covered in the tunnel.
I know, but the construction required for this overhaul is going to be a lot more extensive than a standard refurb. It's not just the windowed tunnel, but the potential construction impact surrounding the bridge/station past that.


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My new Speedway hope would be Disney putting up an Autobahn attraction next to the Germany pavilion. Can we really have something more interesting on this footprint in the MK?

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