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My family is trying this restaurant for the first time this summer. I'm not finding many reviews on it, so I'm hoping that is not a sign that it is bad.:oops:

Anyone been there recently and care to share their thoughts? I cancelled a Mama Melrose ADR for this, so I'm hoping it wasn't a mistake.


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It is one of our favorites, and I have two in the group who studied Japanese and are true Japanophiles. We like their lunch set, and their à la carte menu is pretty good, too. If you like Japanese food, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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Always look forward to TD and make sure we visit almost every trip. The calamari is some of the best I've had anywhere, and the Dragon roll never disappoints. Quality and service is always a notch above most other Disney restaurants, IMO.
I absolutely loved Tokyo dining, their sushi was incredible, for me on par if not a bit better than Cali grill. I really like the atmosphere, it's very relaxed and it's not crazy busy or loud like Tappan Edo so that's a plus. Service was fine, other than a pretty ridiculous mistake on our bill, which was rectified quickly.
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