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Tips/Thoughts on January trip to WDW


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Hey hey!
Thinking about booking my 1st January trip to WDW! I soooo done with being overheated when I go to the parks. Any tips or advice you guys can share? I was thinking 2nd or 3rd week...


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Dress in layers. It could be very cold, cool, or unseasonably warm. Keep an eye on the weather almost before you leave so you have a good idea of what to pack. I went MLK weekend one year, and it was literally freezing all weekend. I did a Festival of the Arts concert in the evening and I had on a Nautica down jacket, gloves, and wool cap over my ears and I was still freezing! OTOH, it could be warm shirts and shorts weather during the day but just cool enough in the evenings that you need to put on a windbreaker.
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Disney pools are heated but the walk to your room is not, lol. If you have a child who plans to swim and you have room in your bags, bring a robe or other warm cover up for that walk.

Bring layers. Even if the forecast says it will be warm highs the weather usually gets cold when the sun goes down. Consider rain more carefully than you would in the summer too. If you get wet in the warmer months no big deal, but it’s awful in the winter because it’s really cold while you dry. Pack gloves and a beanie hat because they take up no room in your bag and they’re nice to have just in case.

Don’t forget the sunscreen. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you won’t turn into a lobster is you Sunburn. And you still have to hydrate too.
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We were there in early December and will agree with everything said…I will add that January/February are notorious for extended referbs, so keep that in mind, and like others have said, warm/hot during the day doesn’t necessarily equate to warm evenings. The buses are notorious for cranking the A/C at night and it could get chilly. At the VERY least, I’d carry a sweatshirt and/or a fleece jacket with you.
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