Tips for the Buzz Lightyear Fan


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Here's some tips for scoring big on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin:

1. Hit targets further back

2. In the second room, hit the volcano in the back. Make that the sole focus of your efforts.

3. Going into the second room I beleive, there is a claw directly over your head. It'll get you 100,000 easy!

4. The spinning thing above the exit of the Volcano room gets you really big points. Rumor has it those have been diactivated but try anyway.

5. In the room with the projected robot, there are two sensors on the wall. These sensors are only active when the robot is in front of it. The sensors are on either side of the door where the robot hovors for a few seconds. You shold be able to see them quite easy. Focus on only ONE of the sensors. It's easier to get your aim right on one, than trying to switch back and forth with the robot. A hit should get you some big points.

Follow these tips and you too can be a Space Ranger
Thanks for the tips!
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