Time Travel Question: Should Disney have Stuck to CA and FL?


We are from UK, and I feel this thread has a very USA focus to it, with a few posting comments though they haven't visited parks outside of the USA. If they haven't visited outside for either time or financial reasons, then please appreciate the same applies for many people in Europe, Asia or other parts of the world.

We are fortunate in that we can afford to travel to Orlando every couple of years, and try to do so, we were due to go in April 2021 but due to Covid-19 are waiting until 2022. that said we are big fans of Disney, and go to Disneyland Paris every year if not twice. In saying that we certainly don't have rose tinted glasses when it comes to Disneyland Paris.

The park certainly isn't a patch on WDW and the studios park needs and is getting a lot of work, and yes 2 days is enough to see the parks. We however go for 5 days and take it really easy, do a few rides, walk about, take our time through the shops, go for a relaxing drink, go back to the hotel and relax. This is all still cheaper than our flights and park tickets to Orlando, we would then need accommodation, food, transport cost, etc on top of that in Orlando.

Orlando is 12 hours travel away, so for us we go for two weeks, to justify the length of flights and cost. Which is why we only go every 2 years. They are very different vacations offering very different experiences. So please when comparing parks please bear in mind that they serve different purposes, in the same way that Disneyland serves a different purpose to WDW. They all have their benefits and their faults.
WDW is great because it is larger, there is lots to see and do, and filling your vacation time is so easy to do and still leave enough to need to go back and see more. Paris is much smaller but is also great for that, it isn't as tiring going around, happens at a slower pace, and we quite like that as you walk around you bump into people who were on our flight there, or who we meet at breakfast or in the bar, and recognise each other and say hello. Its much more personal of a park.

We went to WDW for honeymoon, this was our first visit to a Disney Park and fell in love with it. So keep going back and then get a quick Disney park fix in Paris. Without parks outside of USA we certainly wouldn't go to Disney as much as we do, and feel that there are many who it works the other way. They go to their local park, in Europe this would be Paris, and having not experienced WDW (and have no preconceptions) think that the place is amazing and so want to go and see WDW so make an extra effort to do so. Without the other parks, I feel a lot of visitors to WDW wouldn't make the trip, as the draw wouldn't be strong enough to make the cost and time justifiable. Don't forget a holiday to WDW from Europe is a major deal, especially when there are so many different cultures and countries to visit that are only a few hours away by train, no need for visas or travel documents, no change to currency.

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