Time Has Passed Us By and Bring it Back

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This goes back many years ago. Why it's coming up on 55 years since the 1964-65 New York World's Fair in Flushing Queens NYC. My folks took us as kids to the fair some 13 times and every single time we had to see Walt Disney's "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln". I still to this day remember it.
This was Disney's first attempt with animatronics and it scared the daylights out of me, thinking that Lincoln was alive from the grave, still knowing that he was dead. I know as a 11 year old the image of Lincoln rising up from the chair was frightful but to this day I cherish and thank my late folks for introducing me to Disney. Even though I had seen Walt introduce The Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln on his "Wonderful World of Color" tv show, it was still frightening to an eleven year old in person. When the fair closed in Oct. of 65 Walt took them back to California to add to Disneyland.
Disney also had the Tiki Birds, It'A Small World, and they worked with the Ford Corp. on the movement of their cars in the Ford Pavilion. Disney also helped with Elsie the Borden Cow.
You may ask how as a 11 year old can remember so much about something that happened 55 years ago. My wife, to this day will ask me how do you remember all that stuff and you can't remember what you were doing a few moments ago.
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I wish I could have had that experience, I love Walt Disney and the history of the amazing story teller. I would read books and research all day long. I think because it was so monumental it just stands out as a part of your childhood, thanks for sharing that amazing experience with us, truly wonderful!!!
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