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I am sure this has a thread already but had the opportunity to dine here this past week and I will saw this is buy far the best dinning experience I have had at the parks! The food was amazing everything we got was really really good! I know it is pricy but it was well worth it especially if you are staying for the night time show or Avatar.


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I know I'm just feeding the hype :hilarious:, but we ate there back in December and it was wonderful! It's the best meal we've had at WDW in quite some time. The only one in our party with complaints was the one child in our group. She thought the kids' menu was boring, but she loved everything she sampled from our plates...even her big sister's octopus.


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We ate there shortly after it opened and weren’t impressed. Maybe we should give it another chance?
Same here. Food wise, there was nothing in particular wrong with it. I think the African/Asian flavors just aren't our favorite. Also- I'm always prepared to spend a lot at a Disney signature but some of the prices were really unjustifiable. We'd heard a lot of favorable things about the bread service at AKL, so we decided to try it here. It was priced at $10 per person, I believe. We ordered it for 6 people, $60. We didn't understand at all. We got a few pieces of bread and a couple of cracker things to share, plus three dips. It was baffling. It wasn't good and we each only got a few small bites. Service was gracious and it was a nice place to unwind and cool down on a hot day. No one else was seated anywhere near us. Check was close to $400. We left looking for a snack.


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We ate there shortly after it opened and it was wonderful. Didn't manage to snag a ADR on the day I needed to for it, this Aug, but we have other places to try so we're going to make it our must have for our March trip.
The food was fantastic and the serive was so top notch we recognized our waiter for it.


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Tiffins was one of the main places that didn't impress us last trip. It really didn't help that it was almost empty, but the food didn't have the flavours that we were expecting, it was all a bit bland.


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I loved the octopus. Definately out of my wheel house but loved it none the less. My rib eye was tasty too BUT the bread, the ciabatta with the pomegranate glaze tasted like a hippy's well used birkenstock! I was going to say something to the waitress, who was great btw, but everyone around us was gobbling it down?


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another vote for Tiffins! we had the butter chicken (best i've ever tasted), shrimp & grits & lobster mac n cheese. SO SO good


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The Tiffins octopus made me a convert to that dish...now I look for it in other restaurants. The rest of the meal was OK, but not great. I agree with the posts that indicated some of the dishes were a bit bland. I actually prefer the small plates in the Nomad Lounge next door.

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