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So I found discounted tickets to Disney from which will save me about $150 for our family. They said that I get an "e-confirmation e-ticket" and that I will need to go to guest services to get my actual ticket but it also states on their website that FastPass+ works with the tickets. If I don't have the actual ticket until I get there, how can I get the tickets added to my MDE app to be able to get the fastpass+ selection at the 60 day mark? When I asked them they just told me I need the app, like duh! Since they were no help I thought I would ask the Disney Pros!


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You''ll need to ask them to give you the barcode no from the back of the tickets, since that's what you'll use to link them to MDE. Have you looked at Undercover Tourist? Their prices are usually a bit cheaper than ticketsatwork, which ive found, fluctuates in price, based on where you work (and anyone can sign up for ticketsatwork; you don't need your employer to do so).


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As Gabe said, when you buy e-tickets from an online reseller, they'll give you codes that you can enter into MDE. (They should be active to link right away, but if you have trouble wait a day to try again before panicking)

Also, if you already have MagicBands there's no need to stop at Guest Services. The Bands will be able to access the tickets with no further action needed. The stop at Guest Services is more for people who are staying off-site and need to get a physical ticket that can be scanned.


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Agreed. I got my tickets from TicketsAtWork as well. I printed the page that I am instructed to take to Will Call. In the meantime, there is a number on the tickets (the last 6 digits will be repeaters, i.e., 454545, 262626, 797979, etc.) That is your ticket number that you enter into My Disney Experience and you should be OK.
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