Tiana's Place Restaurant


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Where would it go? Presumably the New Orleans area over at DL would be a decent place to put one, but I'm not sure where in WDW? Unless we're talking about a resort restaurant in which case Port Orleans is an obvious fit. But I agree, it would be awesome!


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i agree they should put one at disneyland in new orleans square and one at port orleans french quarter. I think it would be amazing and let me tell you i love new orleans cuisine,especially creole and cajun :)


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Im sure the Imagineers have thought about it Ever since I saw the movie I was amazed they hadn't capitalized on it imagine eating hot beignets at the park for dessert, Im already hooked haha. I think they could put it over by frontier land maybe but I agree It would go great in Disneyland over in new Orleans square and at the port Orleans resort. They could even have a live band at night called the fire fly five just like the film and they could play jazz, okay this needs to happen.

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As others have already stated, a spot in New Orleans Square would be positively perfect for this. Just rename Cafe Orleans to Tiana's Place and have her walking around in her yellow outfit. The food is already themed appropriately, the area takes care of itself, and, the cherry on top, there's already a daily live band. Boom.

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