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Three food and drink kiosks opening in Echo Lake at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Photo update as of Tuesday, May 17. Here are the three new food kiosks around Echo Lake. Unfortunately, they are all located in the smoking areas.



rael ramone

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They have proven that they can produce good QS food recently (I'm thinking the ribs at the Harambe Village). Years ago they were also able to produce good food at the Food & Wine festival using booths. And I'm sure a park that has a current reputation of lacking both attractions and palatable QS food there's an incentive to provide some tasty QS... Potential exists....


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With all the recent closures at DHS how many smoking areas are even left?

The Disny website says there is still one at Echo Lake and one at Tower of Terror (plus the one at the main entrance outside of the park and the small one inside the Fantasmic theatre). But the one by the coke bottles does still exist even though it's not advertised or labeled on any maps.


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Yes - moved back to where it was a few years ago along the water near on the other side, near the frozen Coke stand.
"Frozen Coke stand" I was like what the hell is that. I'm assuming you meant Peevys Polar Pipleline you know how Disney is when it comes to technical things.

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